South Asian Entrepreneurs Development Faculty Successfully launched SEDEF Campus

South Asian Entrepreneurs Development Faculty (SEDEF) recently unveiled its new venture, SEDEF Campus. With a rich history of helping SMEs in South Asia to scale-up their operations and providing support to bolster the regional economy, SEDEF has partnered with London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) to launch this initiative.

The configuration of the SEDEF Campus is set to promote networks at global scale integrated with knowledge sharing channels.

“To enrich the digital age of learning”, SEDEF targets to provide online academic and executive education to students, professionals, leaders and every citizen in the country. SEDEF Campus is accredited by the London School of Business and Finance, United Kingdom (LSBF, UK), through EDUTRUST Singapore.

In the past 10 years, London School of Business and Finance has proved itself as one of the world’s fastest growing business schools, instituting campuses in the UK, Singapore and Canada and having regional offices in over twelve cities around the world.

At the initial stage, SEDEF Campus introduces four departments integrated with world class programmes focusing on leadership and professional development, innovation and research, higher education, and entrepreneurship. It is set to launch ten new departments in the coming year targeting every group of individuals globally. In addition, SEDEF Campus also introduced new initiatives to bridge the prevailing gaps in the labour market. Newly added development units including career guidance, academic, skills, and personal development are aimed to provide a sound foundation for the next generation of youth.  

Chairman of SEDEF Campus, Dr. Premasiri Gamage said, “It is the right time to start and initiative of this kind, concentrating on the developments of the post COVID world. As SEDEF Campus, we are happy to participate in this journey jointly with LSBF as a renowned academic and executive education provider in the world. SEDEF also plans to introduce new programmes with LSBF in the future to facilitate the equity in education in this digital age”.

Global CEO of LSBF, Mr. RathakrishnanGovind said, “A new era of globalization has dawned. It is our responsibility to help each other to overcome these difficult times. We are committed to delivering education to people in Asia, Europe and the rest of the world. This gives us great pleasure to partner with SEDEF to deliver world class LSBF programmes to academic students and businesses in Sri Lanka. The concept of blended learning, online learning, and live broadcasting is seamlessly integrated to enhance the learning experience of students”.

Advisor to the SEDEF Campus, Mr. Roshan Fernando added, “Aspirations are raised on vision. To achieve this vision every person requires a mission. I am happy to contribute to this new initiative of SEDEF and LSBF and help the respective missions of youth to discover their true potential. In these newly emerging markets, a great wall of challenges is gradually building. Our responsibility is to build a young generation to become leaders and professionals, who will ultimately become productive citizens. Therefore, SEDEF in partnership with LSBF is keen to bridge the gaps to reflect emerging market trends”.

Further details of the programmes and other projects of the SEDEF Campus can be foundin their

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