Sterling Automobiles launched the ‘Steorra’ Mobile App

Sterling Automobiles announces the launch of its brand-new mobile app ‘Steorra’ and revamped website that cater to customer requirements with enhanced ease and convenience Sterling Automobiles, which is constantly committed to offering support to its customers in a fast-paced world of digitalisation, it aims to provide convenient and efficient service through its innovative Steorra mobile app and website.

The first of its kind, the new mobile app and website will enable customers to make service bookings, access complete records of their vehicles’ maintenance history, obtain accident repair estimates and customized vehicle service quotations, contact 24-hr roadside assistance teams or customer care teams, make online payments ,access the branch network, and bring many more services to their fingertips. Steorra App helps the user offers a complete outline of services and pricing of spare parts at any given time of the day.

Customers can pay online via the app and the website too. All this ensuring convenience and efficiency at all touchpoints helping the customer experience a service like never before.

As a company that continuously innovates in its space. The company believes the services will enhance the customer experience. Sterling Automobiles says it is grateful to customers and stakeholders who have supported Sterling’s journey along the way, while also ensuring to uplift customer convenience, customer safety and health, whilst saving time and energy in matters related to their car.

The purpose of this updated website and the launch of the “Steorra” Mobile App was to offer convenient services at all times. The fully-fledged mobile app and website allow customers to access comprehensive information about their vehicles in real-time. The website features a unique responsive design that easily works across all devices. The company states that these platforms will enhance customer engagement!

Sterling’s new website will also provide an opportunity for customers to connect with the company’s social media pages and be informed about the latest news, upcoming events and promotional offers.

With the launch of these digital platforms, Sterling Automobiles – your most trusted automobile partner that strives to offer the assurance to drive with confidence – is ready to cater to all your automobile requirements quickly and efficiently. The company aims to further expand its service platforms in future, by providing fully-fledged, automated vehicle servicing and repair facilities to customers in a more digitized environment.

The Sterling mobile application is now available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store. For more information, please visit or contact us on 0117 600 800.

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