Chem-Trend celebrates a decade of success in Sri Lanka

Chem-Trend, a global leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of high-performance release agents, purging compounds, and other ancillary molding products, recently celebrated a decade of outstanding success in Sri Lanka with ambitious plans to expand its solutions portfolio to many other industry sectors driven by sustainability and innovation.

Establishing its presence in Sri Lanka on the eve of its 50th anniversary, predominantly serving the country’s tire industry with its revolutionary products, the first semi-permanent release agents in the industry introduced three decades ago. Chem-Trend continues to be a leading brand in tire, rubber and rotational molding.

Chem-Trend offers a wide portfolio of conventional, semi-permanent and silicone-free release agents. As an integral part of many manufacturing processes across diverse industries, these specialty mold release agents help businesses enhance their productivity and optimize efficiencies such as increased life cycles, extended lifespan of tool, die, mold, improve part and surface quality, and reduce scrap and defect rates amongst other benefits.

It also has an extensive range of advanced purging compounds including its Ultra Purge brand and molding ancillaries for a wide variety of applications including thermoplastics processing, die casting, wood fiber pressing, molding for polyurethane, tire, rubber and composites, and many other solutions for common problems.

Earlier this year, Chem-Trend announced that it has extended its services in Sri Lanka to include composites, polyurethane, thermoplastics, and wood composites. The global leader has been an active innovation partner in the local automotive industry.

With businesses in Sri Lanka and all around the world pledging to minimize environmental impact with better efficiency and more sustainable manufacturing, Chem-Trend takes great pride in being a partner for many in their journey towards embracing sustainability, a natural part of the company’s philosophy and core beliefs.

Its quest for continuous innovation and has always been at the core of the company. Some of its most notable ones include Preform Coating System (PCS), High Efficiency Release Agent (HERA™), Silicone Free Inside Tire Paints, The DilutionIQ™ System, and most recently the Silicone and Solvent-Free Release Agent Zyvax 1070W, an aerospace game-changer.

Its brand portfolio include Chem-Trend, Chemlease, Lusin, Ultra Purge, and Zyyax, with long standing success in industries such as Aerospace, Automotive and Transportation, Construction, Mining and Industrial, Consumer Goods, Electronics, Energy, Marine Craft, Medical Equipment, Packaging, and Sporting Goods. Founded in 1960, today Chem-Trend, with parent company Freudenberg, have a global presence, serving nearly every manufacturing industry and leading the release agent and purging compound industries in innovation, in research, and in sustainability. For more information, visit

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