98 Acres Resort & Spa Shines Bright on its 12th Anniversary!

98 Acres Resort and Spa, an elegant luxury boutique hotel, that stands on a scenic 98 acre tea estate, surrounded by a stunning landscape in Ella, recently commemorated its 12th Anniversary. 98 Acres Resort and Spa, a trailblazer in showcasing Ella as a top-tier destination, has also transformed the landscape of the region, creating jobs and setting a trend of sustainable luxury.

To commemorate the property’s 12th anniversary, an event was held with religious observances. During the ceremony, long serving employees were recognised with service certificates and tokens of appreciation. Exclusive limited-edition merchandise to mark the anniversary was also produced.

In addition to this, 98 Acres Resort and Spa also donated some essential medical items to the Demodara Base Hospital.

Speaking at this momentous occasion, The Abeyrathne Brothers, the co-founders of 98 Acres Resort and Spa stated ‘Our unique combination of luxury and environmentally conscious practices has positioned us as a leading choice on travelers’ schedules in Ella. This achievement also underscores our unwavering dedication to nurturing community development, enhancing livelihoods, and creating opportunities in the area. We would not be able to be where we are today without the people, especially our employees, who work tirelessly to create a unique experience at 98 Acres Resort & Spa. As we celebrate this milestone, we look forward to the future and serving our guests for many years to come.

Visitors also have the delightful opportunity to experience the lavish Ravana Pool Club done by 98 Acres Resort & Spa, at the property. This exclusive facility boasts a heated infinity pool, inviting jacuzzis, a continuous stream of DJ music, and an ambiance that remains open 365 days a year. The allure of the Ella swing, a grand swing, further enhances the overall experience. Guests can also savour gourmet cuisine and handcrafted cocktails. The Ravana Pool Club recently achieved three prestigious awards at the World Luxury Awards, showcasing its outstanding architectural design, expansive vistas, and opulent entertainment offerings in the South West Asia region.

Apart from providing exceptional lodging, the facility also presents a variety of activities, including but not limited to archery, hiking, bird watching, and numerous other engagements that contribute to a distinctive and memorable experience.

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