Uber turns Seven in Sri Lanka, Covers over 555 million km in Trips!

Uber completed seven years of operations in Sri Lanka and shared some interesting numbers as it touched a new milestone. In its seven years of operations, Uber has completed over 555 million kilometers in Uber trips around the island nation. That’s enough kilometers to travel to the moon from Earth and back 725 times!

With more than 150,000+ driver partners on the platform and having served more than 2 million riders, Uber has revolutionized the way Sri Lankans travel. Starting with car rides in 2015, Uber has grown its portfolio to include offerings such as ‘Intercity’ for travel between cities; ‘Rentals’ for multi-stop, multi-hour journeys; Tuks and Moto for affordable travel that improve first and last mile connectivity; and ‘Connect’, for door-to-door package deliveries.

To mark this special occasion, Uber celebrated the contribution of driver partners to the success of its operations. 7 highly engaged driver partners were awarded trophies and gifts worth LKR 35,000 each including shopping vouchers and travel accessories.

Commenting on Uber journey in Sri Lanka, Thanushika Sivanathan, Country Manager, Uber Rides, Sri Lanka, said, “We are proud to have completed our 7th year of operations in Sri Lanka. It has been an enriching journey to see Uber become a platform of choice for riders and drivers alike. We recognize the tireless efforts of driver partners on the app who have played a critical role in making Uber a household name. We are committed to bringing the best of Uber to Sri Lanka by providing tech-powered mobility solutions.”

A recent survey by UK-based research firm Public First revealed that 91% of the riders in Sri Lanka value convenience as the most important reason to use Uber. Each year, Uber saves riders an estimated 3.7 million hours.

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