Raja Jewellers unveils an exclusive Diamond & Sapphire Emporium

Raja Jewellers, the uncontested Monarch of the Gold World, recently launched its new diamond experience center, aptly named the ‘Diamond& Sapphire Emporium’. Aligned with its unwavering commitment to making world-classjewellery and delivering value to the customers, this new addition features an impressive array of expertly crafted diamonds and Ceylon stones. The launch of the Diamond Emporium was graced by the presence of numerous industry experts& customers.

From its inception, Raja Jewellers endeavored to make world-renowned pieces of jewellery that embodied its Sri Lankan identity while exceeding in quality and value. In this journey, the Diamond Emporium stands as yet another significant milestone that captures the experience accrued over 95 years in the industry, fortified by unparalleled expertise and craftsmanship. Customers may find themselves captivated by the unique collection of exquisitely crafted jewellery available in this new addition to Raja Jewellers, located at its main showroom in Colombo. With a host of new designs coupled with an in-house team of skilled production personnel, the Diamond Emporium possesses the capability to adapt and enhance pieces to align perfectly with the requirements of the customer. This is to ensure that the diamond experience center delivers–in fact–a personalized ‘experience’ to the valued clientele of Raja Jewellers, rather than another catalogue of products.

Commenting on this momentous event and the novel undertaking by the company, the Managing Director of Raja JewellersMrAthulaEliyapurastated, “We take pride in our years of expertise and our ability to deliver immense value to our loyal clientele. The Diamond Emporium encapsulates our unique Sri Lankan identity and the world-renowned brand established over nine decades of being steadfast players in the industry. We are confident that this new venture will open up a heretofore untapped area of opportunity both for us and our customers.”

With an ever-burgeoning portfolio of products that have embellished countless celebrations, festivities, and occasions over the span of decades, Raja Jewellers has established itself as one of the most celebrated names in the jewellery industry of Sri Lanka. Using its unparalleled quality and a foundation of trust built over the years, Raja Jewellers endeavors to provide an experience that is truly unique to its loyal customers.

Raja Jewellers has earned a collection of awards throughout its existence for its high-quality standards. The latest addition to its awards cabinet is the National Business Excellence Award 2021, along with its four Presidential Gold Awards presented to them by the National Gem and Jewellery Authority of Sri Lanka, recognizing the company as the Best Jewellery Manufacturer, the Jewellery Organization with the Highest Quality Standards, the Best Gold Jewellery Item, and the Most Experienced Gem Cutter, reaffirming Raja Jewellers’ reputation as the monarch of the gold world.

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