Effie Awards SL 2022 to recognize best marketing efforts during turbulent times

The Effie Awards Sri Lanka, the world-renowned international awards program, organized by the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM), the apex body of marketing profession, is a coveted event that is highly anticipated and celebrated by advertising agencies and marketers, both locally and globally, as the most distinguished honour in the industry.

Celebrating and inspiring the advertising industry of Sri Lanka, the 13th edition of the Effie Awards Sri Lanka 2022 is to be held this year focusing on the creative work and effectiveness of campaigns during these turbulent times. 

Now open for entries, the 2022 Effie Awards Sri Lanka recognizesany marketing effort, whether a full campaign or targeted effort within a campaign, that ran in Sri Lanka from January 01st 2021 to March 31st 2022, showcasing the perseverance and determination of marketers, in order to keep the brands alive and strengthen revenue. The entry deadlines are categorized into two where the on-time entry deadline is set on 20th December 2022and the final deadline on 23rd December 2022.

The awards competition constitutes of main awards categories evaluated under the industry sector for which its business falls in to, and special awards, where marketing efforts could be evaluated based on specific areas under marketing communication effectiveness. Also, this awards competition gives the opportunity for winning case studies of a particular country program to compete in regional as well as global Effie competitions for greater recognition.

Nuwan Gamage, President of SLIM, said, “SLIM, as the national body of marketing in Sri Lanka, continues to work towards promoting marketing excellence and elevating the standards of the Sri Lankan marketers with the ultimate vision of leading the nation towards economic prosperity. Effie Awards Sri Lanka is a world-renowned awards program offering the SLIM franchise with Effie US. It’s a truly global award for the marketers who are in the advertising industry.”

Gayan Perera, Vice President of SLIM, also commented on the awards. “As the franchisee of Effie Awards Sri Lanka, the SLIM is proud to organize the 2022 edition of the awards torally around both advertising and marketing fraternity, especially during these challenging times, offering the opportunity to showcase and be recognized for their creative work and effective campaigns.”

Tharanga Gunasekera, Head of the Judging Panel of Effie Awards Sri Lanka 2022, stated,“I am honoured to be a part of the prestigious Effie Awards Sri Lanka. This year’s awards comes at a time when we all seek inspiration as brands showcase their hard work carried out and overcome challenges posed by the country’s worst economic crisis. However, tough times don’t last, but the good work done during those tough times will surely be remembered.”

Project Chairperson for Effie Awards Sri Lanka 2022, Rajiv David, stated, “I am honoured to be given the opportunity to lead this project and give back to the industry. The Effie Awards is the only platform available for advertising companies to showcase and be recognized for their creative work that has brought ROI for the brands and helped keep alive that much-needed engagement amongst brands and their consumers despite the turbulent times.” Launched in 1968 by the New York American Marketing Association, the Effie Awards now encompasses all forms of effective marketing communications in addition to the companies and individuals creating insights towards creative work and effective campaigns.  

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