HNB brings back exciting ‘Singithi Jumbo Avurudu’ campaign

Sri Lanka’s premier private sector bank HNB PLC launched its highly anticipated ‘Singithi Jumbo Avurudu’ campaign for its minor savers during the festive month of Avurudu once again to inculcate the habit of saving from a young age.

This year, the bank extended the benefits to minor account savers holding foreign currency accounts. Commencing from March 15 to April 29, 2022, HNB will offer an array of benefits for all HNB Singithi account holders below the age of 16.

“We are pleased to announce that HNB will continue its ‘Singithi Jumbo Avurudu’ campaign once again this year. Given the challenging times we believe it is now more important than ever to ensure our minor savers are financially independent and build a strong financial foundation for their future.

“With this in mind, we extended the exciting offers to our minor savers holding foreign currency accounts this year encouraging non-resident Sri Lankans to open foreign currency savings accounts for their children. We hope this will help stamp a culture where young minds today can save for their future and be rewarded for it,” HNB Head of Deposits,Viranga Gamage states.

The campaign offers minors exciting gifts and attractive vouchers to rupee accounts for fresh deposits of Rs.5,000 to Rs.1,000,000 and foreign currency savings accounts for fresh deposits of $50 to $5,000 or its equivalent in any other foreign currency.

Accordingly, account holders depositing Rs. 500,000 will receive a Rs. 25,000 voucher, and for depositsof Rs.1,000,000will receive vouchers ofRs. 50,000, which can be used to make purchases at selected merchant outlets. The Bank also facilitates the account holders to redeposit these vouchers back into their savings account if they choose to do so.

HNB also extends these exciting offer to new ‘Singithi’ account opened during the campaign period and will offer customers vouchers in addition to gifts such as pen holders, umbrellas and bags.

“We at HNB are excited to help take this generation forward. We believe that financial literacy, financial independency and the culture of savings must be embedded in children from a very young age. We actively reach out to schools and other educational institutions to help us inculcate this ideology. Due to the pandemic, we had to temporarily put our school-banking units on hold, but we are now looking at reactivating them and we are discussing initiatives to bring about deposit mobilization initiatives as well. We look forward to bringing in a new generation who grow with HNB, and we will gladly show them the road to smart savings for a steady future.” adds Viranga Gamage.

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