SLIM Brand Excellence Awards 2021 reaches final round

The 20th edition of SLIM Brand Excellence Awards, the esteemed national-level awards recognising the best brands in Sri Lanka, has reached the final round of the event. Hosted under the theme of “Beyond the Next Frontier”, the year 2021 marked the highest number of entries and brand participation in the history of the awards, with 121 entries from 82 brands.

“I highly consider the number of brands coming on board with Brand Excellence this year rather than the number of total entries. This year, we have received 121 from 82 brands, which is the highest number of brands to take part in the awards’ history. These 82 brands are represented by 61 organisations, which reflects the enthusiasm of the fraternity amidst the pandemic situation. Our theme of Brand Excellence 2021, ‘Beyond the Next Frontier’, articulates that these brands are not only resilient, but also that they have adapted to the new normal. These figures nailed it,” stated SLIM Brand Excellence Awards 2021 Project Chairman Manthika Ranasinghe.

Entries have been selected for the first round from a large pool of applicants, following a meticulous selection process. This has been further trickled down to 75 entries for the final round of presentations. The final round of the awards is scheduled to take place mid-January 2022, with the active input of an eminent Jury Panel.

Brands will be selected under five main categories and eight special categories. The main categories include Product Brand, Service Brand, Global Brand, Local Brand, and Export Brand of the Year. The special categories are Innovative Brand, Turnaround Brand, Best New Entrant, B2B Brand, CSR Brand, Online Brand, SME Local Brand, and SME Export Brand of the Year.

Commenting on the 20th edition of the awards, Head of Jury Imal Fonseka noted: “This year made visible that many businesses were wholly unprepared for new and uncertain circumstances. In order to build and maintain organisational resilience, many revisited their business models, the brand/s’ proposition, and the consumer/customer engagement process whilst adding new capabilities. It was refreshing to observe such brands showing resilience in unprecedented times.

“As businesses and individuals, we have all spent much of this year adjusting and adapting to a new landscape and a new economic context. Long-term brand building efforts are not going to result in instantaneous ROI or a demonstrable spike in sales, but data tells us that it’s vital in maintaining the overall health and fortune of a brand. As we navigate through uncertain times, marketers need to keep a holistic view of which channels can help achieve both their long and short-term goals, providing value, fostering creativity, and sparking genuine connections between the brand and its audience.”

Organised by the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM), SLIM Brand Excellence Awards acknowledges and rewards the outstanding efforts of marketers across multiple industries. Through this annual event, SLIM aims to encourage marketers adopt best practices in branding and bring local brands on par with global standards.

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