Huawei joins ICTA’s National Digital Consortia

Huawei participates in National Digital Consortia on January 11th to share innovative technologies and global best practices and cases that enable the fastest route to the digitalization of economies.

The National Digital Consortia is organized by Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA)in partnership with FITIS, SLASSCOM, BCS, CSSL. The event also aimed at building ties between multinational organizations, local businesses, local government, and encouraged the leading technology giants to be part of Sri Lanka’s digital transformation.

As one of the world-leading ICT technology providers, Huawei joinsthe ‘National Digital Consortia’ together with esteemed global tech giants to present the latest innovative solutions, services, and shared insights on trends and cutting-edge technologies in the global tech and ICT industry.

During the session, Huawei contributes knowledge, expertise, and industry know-how to the course of the digital transformation of Sri Lanka together with ICTA. By sharing the ongoing trends in the technology landscape, Huawei looks forward to cooperating with partners in Sri Lanka to develop the local technology ecosystem.

In the world we live today, technology is developing faster than we could have ever imagined. Digital technologies such as 5G, cloud, and AI are constantly being pushed to their limits, advancing in leaps and bounds. And in this background, the ‘National Digital Consortia’ event was attended by businesses within the technology industry, government institutions, academia, and leading technology enthusiasts, ICT students who are keen to explore cutting-edge innovations in the ICT era.

Visits: 52