OPPO Celebrates 5 years with Abans in Sri Lanka and Extends Partnership to Another 3 Years

The global smartphone brand OPPO proudly celebrates 5 years of partnership with Abans PLC together with a renewal of the partnership for the next 3 years.

Since 2016, the brand has enjoyed a positive response from Sir Lankan having entered into a partnership with Abans PLC, a major Sri Lankan conglomerate with an extensive product portfolio.

For over 50 years, Abans has been a trusted name for high quality electronics and home appliances, mobiles and smartphones, security surveillance systems, IT and communication equipment.

Established in 2004, OPPO is a young, vibrant smart device manufacturer available in over 50 countries and regions. 2021 marks 5 years of effective partnership between OPPO and Abans. Mr. BehmanPestonjee – MD Abans PLC reveals that “OPPO has been a welcome addition to the Sri Lankan market and has been embraced by consumers across the island making it one of the most popular mobile phone brands in the local industry today”. The evident success of the partnership also led to its recent renewal, sparking new opportunity and growth for the relationship between OPPO and Abans.

With 400+ showrooms across the island, Abans has been the catalyst to increase OPPO attraction around the country and create an unparalleled market presence. Mr. Bob Li, CEO Xinda Lanka (OPPO Sri Lanka) agrees stating “Abans has been a dynamic organization under which OPPO has been able to thrive and grow in popularity in the local market. The long-standing partnership between these 2 brands is a testament to the strength and reliability behind the two brands and their high standard of quality.”

Abans is no stranger to successful international partnerships and has been a trusted name which is synonymous with a multitude of popular global brands. Their customer- centric approach and easy payment schemes and flexible payment options are a just a few reasons behind the wide market reach and has inadvertently extended this popularity to OPPO making this partnership one that is offers the best of both worlds.

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