DFCC Bank recognised as one of Top Ten Women Friendly Workplaces in Sri Lanka

DFCC Bank, one of the premier commercial Banks in Sri Lanka, through its efforts to create an inclusive and participatory work environment, has been recognised as one of Sri Lanka’s Top 10 Women Friendly Workplaces, at the firstever Women Friendly Workplace Awards (WFWP Awards) 2021 jointly pioneered by CIMA Sri Lanka and Satynmag.com.

Gender equality and women’s empowerment are integral components of DFCC Bank’s sustainability strategy and DFCC Bank has always placed firm importance on ensuring fair, transparent, equitable and inclusive workplace practices.

The inaugural Women Friendly Workplace Awards 2021 was jointly pioneered by CIMA Sri Lanka and Satynmag.com, seeking to recognize organizations that are encouraging and empowering women at the workplace. The awards programmeshowcases the importance placed on the role of women across workplaces in Sri Lanka, and further emphasizes the nation’scommitment to Sustainable Development Goal 05 – Gender Equality. The awardsprogrammeseeks to pave a path for the betterment and enrichment of gender inclusive workplaces, ensuring the provision of equal opportunity to all employees irrespective of gender.A significant number of Banks and corporate entities participated in the awards programme, emphasizing the increasing focus of employers in encouraging women to prosper within the local workforce and also towards facilitating their retention.

The awards were judged by a distinguished panel of judges including Ravi Abeysuriya, a leading corporate personality, ManohariAbeysekera, Council Member for South Asia, CIMA UK, DumindraRatnayaka Chairman of Suvaseriya, Prof. AroshaAdikaram, Head of HR – University of Colombo, JeevanThyagarajah Governor of the Northern Province, ZaharaAnsary. Country Manager CIMA and Nayomini R Weerasooriya – Founder/Editor at Satynmag.com.

Commenting on the Bank’s achievement, DFCC Bank CEO, Lakshman Silva, stated, “DFCC Bank is honored to have been highlighted as one of the Top Ten Women Friendly Workplaces in Sri Lanka. This can be attributed to our consistent, organization-wide efforts to empower women in the DFCC Bank workforce, while ensuring we implement best practices to maintain our standing as an equal-opportunity employer. The accolade encourages DFCC Bank to continue on our path to securing an equitable resilient future by creating social and economic value for all stakeholders.”

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