Citrus Waskaduwa and Citrus Hikkaduwa – the ideal locations for your holiday getaway

The beach resorts of the Citrus chain – Citrus Waskaduwa and Citrus Hikkaduwa have reopened for local and foreign tourists from the 05 of November.

Citrus Leisure PLC announced that both resorts would offer introductory rates for both weekend and weekday stays, supported by great offers on all types of accommodation, and a fantastic array of indoor and outdoor entertainment and activities.

Both properties will feature a wide variety of benefits for guests, allowing them to unlock the ‘time of their lives’ throughout their entire stay. The special full-board rates for double and triple rooms allow guests to enjoy an exceptional, yet affordable vacation.

Citrus Waskaduwa is a star class resort situated on the west coast of Sri Lanka, just 38 km from Colombo. It comprises 150 rooms with luxury amenities. Citrus Hikkaduwa is a 100-room resort situated at the heart of tourism hotspot, Hikkaduwa. The properties will operate in strict compliance with existing health and safety regulations.

The resorts feature a number of amenities, from unlimited signature Citrus cocktails and mocktails for one-hour, exclusive deals on local and imported liquor alongside a ‘BYOB’ option, unlimited chasers for three hours, a weekend BBQ-themed dinner buffet, a plethora of fun activities for kids and teens from a junior chef competition, to kids movies and a lot more fun and games for kids, teens and adults. Participants stand the chance to win attractive gifts and vouchers allowing them to spend a night free on full-board basis at each of the resorts.

Live performances from renowned local bands – ‘Shiksha’ on Fridays, and ‘Black’ on Saturdays at Citrus Waskdauwa, and ‘Wheels’ and ‘Thriller’ at Citrus Hikkaduwa, on Fridays and Saturdays along with catchy in-house tunes deliver a relaxing vibe throughout the week. As a special initiative, both properties offer dinner along with other value additions at a special rate of Rs.4,500/=Nett per person at Citrus Waskaduwa and Rs.3,750/= Nett per person at Citrus Hikkaduwa , so that guests can take part in a scrumptious BBQ dinner buffet, while enjoying an evening of activities on weekends.

Commenting on both resorts re-opening to the public, Chief Executive Officer of Citrus Leisure PLC, Chandana Talwatte , stated “We are delighted to announce the re-opening of two of our leading resorts. , Citrus Waskaduwa and Citrus Hikkaduwa, with the best rates and activities that make them the perfect holiday destinations. Our goal has always been to provide guests with world-class luxury and comfort, offering them the stay-of-a-lifetime, at our resort premises. We look forward to providing guests with a memorable experience and heaps of happiness moments through the numerous fun-filled activities planned. We also look forward to guests experiencing the magnificent buffet spreads that will be on offer through the duration of their stay and will provide a truly one-of-a-kind gastronomical experience.” 

Citrus Leisure PLC is committed to building and managing a chain of distinctive hotels and resorts that are benchmarked against the most coveted in the world. Citrus promises its guests the most exceptional and memorable hospitality in Sri Lanka by exceeding expectations and by creating a travel experience like no other.

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