SLIM launches ‘SLIM Research Bureau’ to empower local entrepreneurs and marketers

The national body for Marketing in Sri Lanka launched ‘SLIM Research Bureau’ (SRB), the research arm of the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing, with the aim of driving the country towards a knowledge-based and insight driven economy.

Officially launched on 7th of July, 2021 virtually via an online platform, SRB is committed towards supporting students, marketers, SMEs and entrepreneurs to be at the forefront of decision-making and planning, as a trusted source of information.

This initiative intends to enable education, innovation, ICT and learning amongst marketers benefiting the marketing community, academia and industry in driving the country towards a knowledge-based economy. SLIM Research Bureau focuses on three aspects of this enhancement; innovation, education and learning.

SRB supports in developing research infrastructure while enhancing researchers’ skills and competencies via valuable data and insights leading to new knowledge and innovation. SRB also aims at bridging the gap between the marketing industry and academia by assisting researchers to investigate issues in the industry.

SLIM has been encouraging research in multiple ways through its various national initiatives and events. SRB acts as the dedicated entity of SLIM, which drives its mandate to lead the nation’s efforts towards economic prosperity by supporting marketers, SMEs and business leaders to make informed and insight-driven decisions. 

At present, Sri Lanka is going through unprecedented times and it is vital for Sri Lankan businesses and entrepreneurs to make insight driven informed decisions for business sustainability and post pandemic economic recovery. Through the national initiative of ‘Future Ready Sri Lanka’ SLIM aims at empowering a knowledge-based society through entrepreneurship, innovation, insights and future ready education.

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