Prime Group invites Sri Lanka to spend a charitable, generous Vesak season this year

In a concerted attempt to reinforce the national COVID-19 response this Vesak Season,Sri Lanka’s leading real estate group, Prime Group recently made a timely donation of two Non-invasive Ventilators worth Rs. 2.6 Million to the newly established COVID-19 treatment ward at the District General Hospital, Gampaha.

As the Vesak season draws near, the group urges the public to follow in their footsteps to prioritize the internal aspects of the season over traditional festivities and decorations, by engaging instead in acts of compassion, solidarity and generosity to help save lives and livelihoods as the pandemic continues to rage across the island.

The ventilators were handed over to Dr. Sasanka Wedisinghe of District General Hospital, Gampaha by Prime Group’s Chairman, Premalal Brahmanage in the presence of a number of the Group’s directors and members on the 21st May, 2021. This addition bolsters the hospital’s treatment capacity from four units to six units, further empowering the hospital to deliver life-saving care to a greater number of patients in critical condition.

“Vesak is a time for empathy and giving, and we at Prime Group firmly believe that every good deed is also a good investment. With the pandemic in full force, equitable access to ventilators is a vital pillar in the country’s response to COVID-19, especially as the number of cases continue to rise exponentially. In such a backdrop, we believe this timely donation to District General Hospital, Gampahawill better equip its frontline healthcare team to manage a larger number of patients than was initially possible. As a leading corporate with a vision to make a better place on earth, our team considers it our duty to do our maximum to uplift as many as possible during these unprecedented times and continue to invest our best efforts in bringing an end to this debilitating pandemic, and we invite and encourage our fellow members of the private sector to do so.,” stated Prime Group Chairman, Premalal Brahmanage.

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