Prime Lands Residencies IPO introduces “SUBMIT ONLINE from HOME”!

Prime Lands Residencies Limited, the condominium property arm of Prime Group, the ‘Maestro of Real Estate Artistry’ in Sri Lanka,recently debuted its Initial Public Offering (IPO) and will now be allowing potential investors the ability to submit applications for the IPO from the safety and comfort of their homes, through their website

Investors stand to gain a plethora of benefits, including capital appreciation in price, and further share price increases related to the forecasted highly positive Company performance levels, in the near future.Further, this offers investors the chance to invest into real estate, a market considered to be a secure investment under most circumstances, one that is still highly lucrative during these testing times and stands to be stronger after the pandemic passes.

By investing in the IPO, investors stand to doubly benefit from the growth of both the real estate market, and the share market, which has also seen highly positive growth forecasts over the turn of the year – having secured returns after investing in a reputed, reliable Company such as Prime.

The IPO is being offered at a 40% discount allowing investors to reap a significant capital gain. The Company has also indicated that investors would be eligible to avail a significant dividend payout of 40% from the profits of the financial year, ending 31st March 2021, within a few months of the launch.

Commenting on the launch of the IPO, Premalal Brahamanage, Group Chairman of Prime Lands Residencies, stated, “It is a truly momentous moment for Prime Lands, as we launch our Initial Public Offering. COVID-19 has changed the industrial landscapes around the country, especially affecting the real estate industry,thereby severely accelerating the need for bringing in digital avenues to all offerings. Having clearly understood this, we at Prime Lands are delighted to offer a digital solution that enables prospective investors to secure their participation in the IPOfrom the safety and security of their households. This increased accessibility through a seamless digital experience provides ample opportunities for investment into the Company and stands to benefit all investors in the long-run, for placing their trust in our Company.This launch is also testament to our unwavering dedication to ensure excellence across all aspects and once again reiterates our commitment towards creating value for all stakeholders while ensuring customer satisfaction is guaranteed across all of our engagements.”

Interested potential investors can visit to obtain more information on the process and submit their applications.

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