SLIIT supportsGuru Gedara Season 2 to broaden students education horizons

SLIITis continuing to provide technical support for ‘Guru Gedara’ the audiovisual mass media solution, launched by the Ministry of Education (MoE) and the National Institute of Education (NIE).

On the back of a successful 1st phase and the reopening of schools postponed, season two of Guru Gedara was launched on the 9th of November.  SLIIT, who was part of the programme from its inception, recorded 75 hours of lectures in the first 4 weeks of the programme, broadcast on the ‘Nethra’ and ‘Eye’ national television channels.   Guru Gedara has aided thousands of GCE A Level and O level students to continue their education uninterrupted, and SLIIT has supported by developing broadcast-quality videos of lessons for on air play. 

Prof. Colin N. Peiris, Director/Academic Development and Quality Assurance, SLIIT, who is in charge of SLIIT’s contribution to ‘Guru Gedara’ says the provision of technical support for the programme is not unusual for SLIIT because the institute has always been synonymous with technological innovation in education. “Given the disruption caused to school children and the uncertainty surrounding their education, the Ministry and NIE launching this programme during the pandemic is nothing short of commendable. As for SLIIT, we were able to make a significant contribution in supporting it by rapidly deploying the required technological support and we are glad to continue to lend our expertise to a programme which is helping the younger generation transition to online learning.”

SLIIT contributed a total of 168.5 hours of recorded lessons within 23 days for Phase 1 of the Guru Gedaraprogramme.  Apart from recording studios and training facilities the institute provided two resource personnel to assist the number of representatives visiting them from schools and universities, including 50 plus lecturers.  Lectures for subjects such as Mathematics, Accounting, Engineering Technology, Biosystems Technology, Science, Agricultural Science, Business Studies, Chemistry, Sinhala, Agriculture and Physics were recorded for airing.

Dr. Malith Wijesundara, Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Sciences noted, “We understand that schools and universities have not faced this form of disruption in the history of Sri Lanka.  That is why SLIIT is committed to supporting programmes like Guru Gedara, because we want to ensure that students faced with gaining an education via technology, be it online or the electronic medium, would have positive learning experiences. The entire SLIIT team has shouldered this responsibility and we are proud of the contribution we have collectively made towards the NIE and MoE initiative, which we believe has given a purpose and hope to students.”

The Dean says, SLIIT uses a cost-effective method to record and live stream for Guru Gedaraand has introduced a specific template unique to teachers and lecturers on the programme, allowing for PowerPoint presentations, the visual of the instructor, and voice.  He adds that the programme is a great initiative of the NIE and the MoE, who has engaged the best instructors and lecturers to teach students via the electronic medium and SLIIT would continue to extend their fullest support to ensure its success.

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