Rainco Facilitates Hygiene during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is still prominent and rampantly spreading. As such, appropriate precautions must be taken by continuously adhering to the guidelines established inclusive of wearing a mask, regular sanitization, and social distancing.

As part of their ‘Be the Change’ CSR initiative, Rainco donated hand washing stations that will be distributed by Rotary Club – Colombo Midtown to the locations in need of washing stations/units. The donation took place with the patronage from the members of Rotary Club and Ahamed Aroos, Chief Operating Officer of Rainco.

Rainco as an organization has always been conscious of their social responsibility and as such emphasizes the importance of taking precautions, the importance of well-being and the importance of taking things seriously – all values relevant to society especially during this time. Partnering with the Rotary Club of Colombo Midtown, which is also known for its contributions to social wellbeing, seemed a natural step to support the nation in facilitating healthy habits.

Rainco hopes that the distribution and location of washing stations in prime locations around Colombo might encourage people to regularly wash and sanitize their hands. It is necessary to remain vigilant and adapt to the new norms that have been thrust upon the country.

Ahamed Aroos, COOof Rainco Pvt Ltd emphasized, “Keeping with the tone of our CSR initiative to ‘Be the Change’, we felt the need to ensure that we lead by example. We hope that by creating opportunities for people to practice good hygiene, it might encourage them to actively partake in these practices. The smallest acts can have the largest impacts and we hope this might induce a norm of regular hygiene and sanitation. As a nation, working in unity we can overcome this.”

The theme of their CSR Initiative to ‘Be the change – it starts with you’, aims at reminding all, of their part to play in ensuring that the country overcomes the challenges that have arisen from the global pandemic. Individual social responsibility will pave the way for the adoption of these precautionary measures.

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