Prima KottuMee introduces the spiciest Korean Ramen for the first time in Sri Lanka

In a bold move that is sure to excite spice enthusiasts across Sri Lanka, Prima KottuMee has announced the launch of its newest variant, Korean Ramen fiery chicken flavour.

This marks the first time the renowned instant noodle brand has ventured into the realm of Korean cuisine, promising an intense and fiery experience for its noodle fans in Sri Lanka and overseas.

Known for its diverse range of flavours catering to Sri Lankan taste buds, Prima KottuMee’s latest offering builds upon the success of its popular Hot ‘N’ Spicy and Nai Miris varieties.

However, with the introduction of Korean Ramen, the brand is taking heat to a whole new level, boasting a scorching 2X spice level that is bound to test the limits of even the most daring spice enthusiasts across the globe.

What sets Korean Ramen apart is not just its searing heat but also its unique texture and flavour profile. The noodles, having a slurp-worthy consistency, offer a satisfyingly thick texture that complements the intense spiciness, providing a truly immersive culinary experience for those brave enough to take on the challenge.

“With the introduction of Korean Ramen, Prima KottuMee continues to push the boundaries of flavour innovation, delighting Hot ‘N’ Spicy noodle lovers around the world,” stated Sajith Gunaratne, General Manager, Ceylon Agro Industries (Pvt) Ltd, Prima Group Sri Lanka.

Whether you are a spice enthusiast looking for your next fiery fix or simply curious to experience the intense flavours of Korean cuisine, Korean Ramen promises to deliver an unforgettable taste sensation that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Prima KottuMee Korean Ramen is now available at selected outlets, with an island-wide rollout in coming days.

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