Sampath Bank and Visa Unveil Innovative Sampath Visa Purchasing Card for Corporate Clients

Sampath Bank PLC is proud to announce its strategic collaboration with Visa, the global leader in payments, to introduce a groundbreaking addition to its Corporate Cards portfolio — the Sampath Visa Purchasing Card. This innovative Card is designed to revolutionise the management of integrated operating expenses within organisations.

Mr. Shiran Kossinna, Assistant General Manager – Card Centre, Sampath Bank, remarked, “The introduction of the Sampath Visa Purchasing Card represents our continuous effort to further streamline the expense management of the bank’s valued corporate clients. We believe this innovative solution will significantly enhance the efficiency and control in managing corporate expenses, providing our clients with a competitive edge in today’s dynamic business environment.”

Ms. Avanthi Colombage, Country Manager, Sri Lanka & Maldives, Visa commented, “We are very excited about this partnership with Sampath Bank, that brings a bold, innovative product to the Sri Lankan business landscape. With the Sampath Visa Purchasing Card, organisations truly get better control and view of their expenses, enabling smarter finance planning and management. With today’s evolving client needs, we believe this comprehensive solution will unlock numerous payment efficiencies for corporates in the region.”

Classic Travel (Pvt) Ltd, a distinguished IATA accredited travel agent and member of the Expolanka Group of Companies, proudly stands as the first corporate partner to obtain the new Sampath Visa Purchasing Card, marking a milestone in this strategic partnership.

Mr. ShihamImamudeen, CEO – Classic Travel / Expolanka Leisure Cluster, expressed, “Classic Travel is honoured to be the launch customer of the Sampath Visa Purchasing Card. We believe that this card will streamline the expense management of our company, providing us with greater control and efficiency in our financial processes. This collaboration reflects our commitment to embracing innovative solutions that enhance our business operations.”

This versatile Card is issued to designated employees or directors of corporate entities, and facilitates efficient payments to small-scale suppliers, vendors, security services, stationary, online subscriptions, and other administrative services of the corporates.

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