Emerald Unveils a New Era in Denim Fashion with it’s Authentic Denim Collection

Emerald, Sri Lanka’s leading menswear brand, takes center stage with the spectacular launch of “Authentic Denim,” a groundbreaking collection that elevates the denim experience to new heights.

This denim collection, designed to be the unadulterated version of denim in its purest form, showcases the fusion of innovation and tradition, bringing forth Japanese denim fabrics that not only promise superior fit, comfort, and mobility but also preserve the essence of authentic denim style.    

The “Authentic Denim” collection, designed with a perfect blend of cotton and spandex, is a testament to the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new standards in menswear fashion. This classic denim offering captures the essence of authentic denim style and ensures a level of sophistication and durability that distinguishes it from the ordinary. 

Designed to cater to the modern man’s dynamic lifestyle, “Authentic Denim” seamlessly blends style with functionality. The superior fit of the garments, crafted from a perfect blend of cotton and spandex, ensures a comfortable and mobile experience, making this collection a must-have for individuals who seek both fashion and practicality in their wardrobe. 

Ahmed Ikram, Chief Business Officer of Emerald, expressed enthusiasm about the launch, stating, “With ‘Authentic Denim,’ we aimed to redefine the denim experience for our customers. We wanted to create a collection that not only meets the high standards of fashion enthusiasts but also caters to the everyday needs of our clientele. The infusion of Japanese denim fabrics and the perfect blend of cotton and spandex in this collection ensures a level of quality and authenticity that aligns with Emerald’s commitment to excellence.” 

Emerald’s “Authentic Denim” collection suitable for any occasion, is now available in Exclusive Emerald Stores, Leading Retail Partner Stores islandwide, and www.emerald.lk, promising a denim experience like never before. Visit any Emerald outlet to witness the fusion of tradition and innovation that defines this remarkable addition to the menswear landscape.

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