Samsung Sri Lanka Applauds TRCSL’s Mobile Authentication Initiative

Samsung Sri Lanka commends the recent initiative undertaken by the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL), a significant move toward ensuring the authenticity of mobile phones in the Sri Lankan market.

The regulatory body’s commitment to mobile phone authentication aligns with Samsung’s dedication to providing its customers with quality products and ensuring a secure and authorized mobile experience.

TRCSL’s Deputy Director, MenakaPathirana, has called upon the public to take an active role in verifying the registration status of their mobile phones before making a purchase. This initiative aims to empower consumers and enable them to make informed decisions when choosing a mobile device.

Samsung, a leading global technology company, fully supports TRCSL’s endeavor to enhance consumer protection in the mobile phone market. Mr.ThusharaRathnaweera, Head of Mobile Experience (Samsung Sri Lanka), expressed the company’s endorsement of the initiative, stating, “We applaud TRCSL’s commitment to ensuring the authenticity of mobile devices in the market. Samsung shares the vision of providing consumers with reliable and secure products, and we are fully aligned with TRCSL’s efforts to empower consumers through mobile authentication.”

As part of the initiative, individuals are encouraged to check the registration status of their mobile phones with TRCSL by sending a simple SMS to 1909. The format for the message is “IMEI <Space> (The 15-digit IMEI number of the new phone).” Upon sending the SMS, consumers will receive an immediate response confirming the authorization status by TRCSL.

For Samsung customers, this initiative reinforces the importance of prioritizing TRCSL-approved devices. To facilitate easy identification of authorized devices, Samsung encourages consumers to look for the “Authorized Partner” sticker on their devices. This sticker serves as a visible marker of TRCSL approval, providing customers with assurance and peace of mind regarding the authenticity of their Samsung mobile devices.

Mr.Rathnaweerafurther emphasized Samsung’s commitment to delivering quality products in alignment with TRCSL’s vision for consumer protection. He stated, “At Samsung, we prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of our customers. By endorsing TRCSL’s initiative, we aim to contribute to a mobile market that is not only technologically advanced but also trustworthy and secure.”

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