Litro Gas Lanka Shines at the National Occupational Safety & Health Excellence Awards 2023

Sri Lanka’s national LPG provider, Litro Gas Lanka, has yet again secured a triumphant win at the National Occupational Safety & Health Excellence Awards 2023, marking a milestone moment in the company’s journey.

The accolades garnered in multiple categories—Best Fleet Safety Management System, Manufacturing (Small/Medium Sector), and Other (Small/Medium Sector)—stand as a testament to Litro’s unwavering dedication to safety and excellence.

Commenting on the remarkable feat, Chairman of Litro Gas Lanka, Muditha Peiris said: “The Litro Gas Lanka team is deeply honored to receive these prestigious awards, which accentuate our unwavering commitment to safety and excellence. This recognition is a testament to the collective dedication and tireless efforts of the entire Litro family. We remain steadfast in our mission to prioritize safety across all operations and continue delivering reliable products to our valued customers.”

“Litro Gas Lanka extends its sincere gratitude to the institute for organizing this event and for fostering a culture of safety and excellence,” he added.

At Litro, safety has always been a top priority. These awards reaffirm the company’s commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards across all its operations. The recognition received in the category of Best Fleet Safety Management System underscores Litro’s dedication to ensuring safety not only within its manufacturing units but also throughout its transportation and delivery

Moreover, securing accolades in the Manufacturing (Small/Medium Sector) and Other (Small/Medium Sector) categories reaffirms Litro’s commitment to embedding safety practices at every level of its operations. It highlights the company’s holistic approach to ensuring a safe working environment, thereby setting a benchmark for others within the industry.

Litro Gas Lanka’s success at the National Occupational Safety & Health Excellence Awards 2023 serves as an inspiration and a guiding light for the industry. It showcases that a relentless focus on safety, coupled with a commitment to excellence, can lead to outstanding achievements and recognition on a national stage.

This triumph reaffirms Litro Gas Lanka’s position as a leader in the industry and its continuous dedication to fostering a culture of safety, not just within the organization but also in the broader community. The company remains steadfast in its pursuit of excellence, aiming to continually raise the bar and set new benchmarks in safety standards.

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