Coca-Cola Sri Lanka’s Festive Fleet Brings Cheer

This Christmas, Coca-Cola Sri Lanka is unwrapping more than just the season’s iconic red and white. With a legacy intertwined with Christmas and Santa Claus, the beverage giant is infusing the spirit of the holidays into every corner of Sri Lanka.

This year, the global theme echoes loud and clear: “The World Needs More Santas.” It’s a call to action emphasizing the brand’s longstanding association with the joyous season and its commitment to kindness, generosity, and the power of shared moments.

This global theme serves as a poignant reminder of the values that make Christmas special. At the heart of Coca-Cola’s festive initiatives lies a commitment to kindness, a core value guiding the brand for years.

The heartwarming advert portrays a world where a multitude of Santas embody the spirit of kindness, supporting and helping others. In a world full of Santas, Coca-Cola envisions a world brimming with kindness and goodwill. Recognizing the power and joy of shared experiences, this year’s Christmas campaigns are designed to create memorable moments resonating with the warmth and generosity synonymous with Christmas.

Joyful Journeys Across Sri Lanka: The Coca-Cola Christmas Trucks

Bringing the festive spirit to the people of Sri Lanka, Coca-Cola has deployed three joy-filled trucks across 12 locations in the Western, North-western, Southern, and Central regions of Sri Lanka. More than just vehicles, these vibrant trucks serve as mobile hubs of joy, inviting consumers to partake in delightful photo opportunities and engaging games, fostering a sense of community and togetherness.

Not so easy to miss, a colossal 40ft truck, adorned with festive cheer, is also embarking on a journey across the entire island. Encouraging consumers to join in the celebration, Coca-Cola invites everyone to spot the Christmas truck, capture a joyful selfie, and share thesefestive moments on social media.

Adding an extra layer of excitement, Coca-Cola has introduced a double-decker bus that will grace popular hotspots around the country. The double-decker bus presents a unique opportunity to embark on a joy ride around the city in style, with the ground level of the bus featuring interactive photo booths, ensuring every moment is captured in the most festive way possible.

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