Pay&Go revolutionises Sri Lanka with Innovative All-in-One Payment Solution

In a pioneering step aimed at improving convenience and efficiency in payments, Pay&Go, the groundbreaking, innovative payment solution, establishes itself as a game-changer in Sri Lanka. With over 1000+ self-service kiosks nationwide, 750+ POS systems, and an impressive 100,000+ app downloads Pay&Go stands out as the preferred platform for continuous, hassle-free transactions available round the clock.

From everyday transactions like mobile payments, utilities, television, fixed line, and internet, to more complex transactions such as insurance and finance, Pay&Go ensures a swift, secure, and dependable payment experience. What distinguishes Pay&Go in the industry is its expansive, secure and  reliable ecosystem, allowing users to effortlessly conduct transactions through POS terminals, self-service kiosks, and a user-friendly mobile application that supports seamless settlement.

Unveiling its visionary campaign, ‘Life is Easy,’ Pay&Go emphasises  the app’s commitment to offering a one-stop-shop for any payment needs. Eliminating the need for queues, Pay&Go centralises payments through POS, self-service kiosks, and its user-friendly mobile app. With reminders for payments, cost-efficient solutions, and time-saving processes, Pay&Go believes in letting people live their lives to the fullest by removing payment inconveniences. The campaign aims to inspire customers to navigate life’s challenges confidently, with Pay&Go’s hassle-free payment solutions.

Underpinning the ‘Life is Easy’ campaign, Pay&Go  introduces a series of captivating hashtags that resonate with each product category. For water bills, it’s #LifeIsRefreshing, Electricity bills adopt #LifeIsBright, For insurance #LifeIsSafe assures users of security in their transactions. Mobile reloads transform into #LifeIsCommunication, Television payments become #LifeIsEntertainment,  Finance payments adopt #LifeIsPlanning, Finally, for Fixed Line & Broadband, it’s #LifeIsConnected, emphasising the connectivity Pay&Go brings to your fingertips.

Each hashtag is not just a label; it’s a lifestyle promise, highlighting the ease and joy Pay&Go brings to every aspect of life.

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