Curtin Colombo Unleashes the Excitement of Curtin Colombo’s Student-Led Experiences

Curtin Colombo is respected as an institution offering students a balanced and enriching university life not confined to the classroom.The institute’s pioneering outlook enables students to form diverse connections, leadership capabilities, creativity and resilience, skillsimportantfor future work and life. Curtin Colombo graduates gain far more than academic expertise,and become well-rounded citizens empowered able to shape the world.

Highlighting the lively student life and Curtin Colombo’s dedication to a multi-dimensional education, November was buzzing with events on campus. It reflected the institution’s commitment to create a vibrant and balanced student experience all through the year.

All year round, the campus is teemingwith student-led events, ranging from academic symposiums to cultural celebrations, workshops, and social gatherings. These activities not only help students academically but also create a close-knit community. Curtin Colombo believes in providing an educational experience that goes beyond the classroom, shaping individuals with diverse experiences.

The epic grand Valarant showdown, an adrenaline-charged online gaming event was held between Team Curtin Colombo and rivals Team SLIIT with both teamsdemonstratingsuperior skills and suspense. The enthusiasm continued with the campus transformed into fantasy land, full of superheroes, wizards, warriors, villains etc. for ‘Comic Con.’ The competition spirit was kept alive with a fight for the best costume.

Adding to the festive spirit, Curtin Colombo organized its first-ever Halloween party, coinciding with the Halloween tradition. The event, aptly named ‘Geeks vs Freaks,’ combined elements of horror with the Comic Con festivities. The mix included a horror house, outstanding costumes, and thrilling games, offering students a unique opportunity to enjoy both spooky and entertaining moments in an unforgettable setting.

In addition to these events, the students also organisedprograms such as Sinhala and Tamil New Year, Holi, Christmas Carols, Barbecue nights, etc, providing a solid foundation for a multifaceted and exciting student life.

Thus, Curtin Colombo goes beyond tutoring outstanding academics to designing an enriching environment where students can freely immerse in creativity, culture and adventure etc. By facilitating an array of vibrant extracurricular activities, Curtin Colombo promotes a university experience across every dimension of student life, shaping graduate perspectives to develop inclusive personalities poised for professional success.

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