Daraz 11.11: Over 620,000 consumers enjoyed unbeatable prices in just one day!

Daraz officially launched the 11.11 Biggest Sale of the Year, giving it a more significant role with the aim of elevating the online retail experience for buyers and sellers alike.

Within the first 24 hours of the sale, Daraz helped connect over 620,000 consumers to more than 30,000 brands and small and medium enterprise (SME) sellers in the country. This achievement signals the continued growth and progress of the digital economy as more shoppers in Sri Lanka go online for their everyday needs, enabling more people to access and enjoy the benefits of e-commerce.

Creating a better quality of life for shoppers via access to the best prices:

Daraz successfully transformed 11.11 into an opportunity for shoppers to buy items they have been saving for throughout the year. The 11.11 sale grants access to a diverse range of top-quality products spanning fashion, beauty, home and decor, and more. What sets 11.11 apart is the accessibility to millions of products at competitive prices, coupled with the added benefit of free delivery, availed by 73% of the shoppers who made purchases on the very first day of the sale.

Enabling brands and sellers to capture opportunities and grow their business:

Daraz invested significantly in new technology solutions over the last year to help sellers scale their online operations. More than 5,000 SME sellers in Sri Lanka made a sale on 11.11, and Daraz is optimistic about driving continued incremental growth for its sellers over the 11.11 sale period and the upcoming campaigns.

Bart van Dijk, Managing Director of Daraz Sri Lanka expressed his thoughts on this milestone, “Our 11.11 mega sale is a very exciting time in Sri Lanka and other markets across South Asia. Much of our effort goes into ensuring that our platform offers the best possible prices to our shoppers and makes every cent count. This could not have been possible without the support of our sellers and partners, and I am very thankful to see more sellers joining Daraz for the first time and putting their trust in us. We are thrilled to witness growth during this 11.11, and will continue to deliver on our promise to offer the best products, prices and quality for our communities.”

In Sri Lanka, several key trends emerged within the first 24 hours of 11.11:

  • Online fashion is on the rise with more than 64,000 items from the fashion and accessories category being sold on the first day.Sri Lankan shoppers are also displaying their distinctive style, emphasising a notable preference for fashion jewellery, as evidenced by the sale of over 14,000 units.
  • More shoppers are turning to Daraz for affordable beauty and skincare products, with over 40,000 units of skincare and makeup products sold in the first 24 hours.
  • With the holiday season around the corner, more than 60,000 home and living items were delivered to locations across the country. Fairy lights and night lights were some of the most popular items, reflecting a growing trend in elevating home aesthetics during the festive season.

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