SeylanTikiri offers a fun-filled experience for kids and families at Pearl Bay

SeylanTikiri, the beloved Children’s Savings brand of the Bank with a Heart, is thrilled to announce an exciting promotion for its Tikiri Kids and their families. In a bid to reward young savers and provide them with a fun-filled experience, SeylanTikiri is offering free tickets to the Pearl Bay Theme Park located in Bandaragama.

Pearl Bay Theme Park is the country’s first International Standard Leisure Park, consisting of four unique zones designed to offer an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. These zones include SplashBay, a European Standard Waterpark; SpeedBay, featuring an FIA-CIK certified 1.2Km karting track; TargetBay, where visitors can test their precision at the 5-lane Air Rifle Shooting Range; and YumBay, a delightful Cafe and Restaurant.

As part of this exclusive promotion, customers who deposit Rs 100,000/- or more into a new SeylanTikiri account will not only receive an incredible Rs. 23,700/- worth of gift vouchers but will also become eligible to receive four free tickets worth of Rs. 19,600/- to enjoy the adventures and thrills of Pearl Bay Theme Park. The total value of the offer is Rs. 43,300/-.

This exceptional offer is valid until October 31, 2023, providing families with ample time to plan their visit to Pearl Bay and take full advantage of this fantastic opportunity. SeylanTikiri is deeply committed to encouraging a culture of saving among children and ensuring that their financial journey begins on the right foot. Through promotions like these, SeylanTikiri aims not only to provide financial benefits but also to create unique experiencesand cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

As a brand that embodies its values, SeylanTikiri is committed to conducting various activities throughout the year for the benefit of Tikiri Kids. These activities not only encourage children to cultivate good habits but also provide them with valuable experiences during their childhood while promoting savings. Parents who wish to open doors to a world of benefits, including bonus interest, gift vouchers, and more, for their children below the age of 15 are encouraged to open a Tikiri account. Visit the nearest Seylan Bank branch or call 011 200 88 88 to open a Tikiri account today.

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