Serendib Flour Mills 7Star Premium Flour to revolutionize baking industry

Serendib Flour Mills, among the most trusted wheat flour suppliers in the country is set to redefine the bakery industry with the newly introduced 7Star Premium Bakery Wheat Flour.

Setting a new standard for baking excellence, Serendib Flour Mills’ 7-Star Premium Bakery Wheat Flour with amantra of ‘For a Superior Loaf of Bread’, represents the promise of revolutionizing the bakery industry, setting new standards for quality and performance.

The new 7Star Premium Bakery Wheat Flouras a premium product addresses the bakery industry’s demand for superior and reliable flour quality, promising an exciting transformation for both bakers and consumers. The new flour offers several benefits to the baking industry including producing a superior finish.The flour elevates the quality of bread and pastries, assuring an exceptional finish, with asatisfying appearance and texture in the baked goods.Consumers and bakers are guaranteed of a well-constructed, soft, and delectable loaf of bread, due to the notable oven spring achieved with the new flour.

Additionally,for bakers, the product offers the perfect consistency and construction needed to create soft, well- structured loaves of bread and developing premium bakers.With its high gluten content, 7Star Premium Bakery Wheat Flour enables increased water absorption, where bakers can expect a higher yield and even increased profits.

Kalinga Wijesekara, Director of Brands & Communication, Serendib Four Mills, said, “7-Star Premium Bakery Wheat Flour is tailored to meet the needs of both bakers and consumers. We remain committed to ‘Nourishing the Nation’ while introducing new products that maintain the highest quality standards.The 7-Star Premium Bakery Wheat Flour is on course to become a true game-changerunlocking new possibilities for the bakery industry.”

The 7-Star Premium Bakery Wheat Flour is offered at an attractive price, demonstrating Serendib Four Mills’ commitment to delivering value to its customers. The company has diligently maintained affordability while ensuring the highest quality.The initial response from customers have been overwhelmingly positive, validating the product’s appeal and effectiveness.The launch of the 7-Star Premium Bakery Wheat Flour demonstrates the company’s unwavering dedication to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

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