WindForce Takes on Sri Lanka’s Largest Private Sector Renewable Energy Project

WindForce PLC, in collaboration with Lakdhanavi Ltd and The Blue Circle Pte Ltd, is set to undertake Sri Lanka’s largest private-sector renewable energy project.

This is a 100MW Solar Power Plant with a Transmission Facility to be set up in Siyambaladuwa, Monaragala District. With a total investment of USD 152 million, this landmark venture represents a significant milestone in the country’s transition towards clean energy.

Scheduled for completion before the end of 2025, the project will not only enhance WindForce’s installed capacity by nearly 30% but also showcase the expertise and commitment of all consortium partners involved.

The formidable consortium leading this project comprises WindForce, a renowned leader in the renewable energy sector, Lakdhanavi Ltd, the leading independent power producer in Sri Lanka, and The Blue Circle Pte Ltd, a distinguished renewable energy company based in Singapore. The collective experience, expertise, and dedication of these industry leaders make them the perfect fit for successfully delivering this ground-breaking initiative.

The magnitude of this project is unprecedented. It stands as the largest renewable energy endeavour ever awarded to the private sector by the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB). This significant accomplishment reinforces WindForce’s position as a key player in Sri Lanka’s renewable energy landscape.

Moreover, this project breaks new ground by being awarded as a single package, incorporating a 100MW Solar Power Plant, 12MWh Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), 2×63.5MVA, 132/33kV Grid Substation, and a 27km, 132/33kV Transmission line. This holistic and integrated approach ensures the seamless and efficient distribution of clean energy throughout the region.

Setting a new standard in Sri Lanka’s renewable energy sector, the project will include the integration of a BESS with the Solar plant. This pioneering move will mark the first time such advanced energy storage technology is utilized in the country. This forward-thinking approach demonstrates the consortium’s commitment to driving innovation and sustainability in Sri Lanka’s energy landscape.

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