Rainco appoints prominent retail professional Dinesh Dharmaratne as the new CEO

Rainco (Pvt) Ltd, one of the leading business conglomerates and manufacturers of umbrellas, mosquito nets, and rainwear in Sri Lanka, officially appointed Dinesh Dharmaratne as the Chief Executive Officer on July 1st, 2023.

This appointment follows the announcement of Ahamed Aroos, the outgoing CEO, expressing his intention to leave the organization. Aroos collaborated with Dinesh Dharmaratne during a transition period to ensure a smooth handover and successful closure of the transaction.

The Board of Directors expressed their gratitude to Ahamed Aroos for his exceptional leadership, guiding Rainco to achieve record results despite external challenges.

Aroos, who served as Rainco’s CEO since 2019, joined the company’s leadership team in 2017 as the Chief Operating Officer. Building on the company’s rich heritage, Aroos implemented and executed a growth agenda, known as “20-2X,” which significantly increased profitability and shareholder value of the organization.

Dinesh Dharmaratne, the newly appointed CEO, brings with him an illustrious career spanning over 26 years of management excellence in some of Sri Lanka’s premier corporations. With extensive experience and a remarkable track record in corporate management, Dharmaratne has held key senior management roles, including a notable six-year tenure as the CEO ofSuzuki Motors Lanka Limited, After Sales Service and Furniture Manufacturing verticals of Softlogic Retail (Pvt) Limited.

Throughout his career, Dharmaratne has played a pivotal role in steering companies towards growth and profitability. His invaluable contributions have fostered strong customer relationships, amplified brand presence, and optimized service delivery.

Drawing upon his extensive experience and knowledge, Dharmaratne will lead and guide Rainco, a company with a successful track record spanning over four decades. His appointment is expected to further strengthen the company’s strategic direction, driving growth and ensuring continued success in the coming years. Dharmaratne expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to lead such a successful and diverse establishment while emphasizing his commitment to working closely with the Board of Directors and other key stakeholders to achieve Rainco’s ambitious goals.

“As the newly appointed CEO of Rainco, I am privileged to guide a company with such a distinguished legacy. I firmly believe that the key to sustained growth and continued success lies in fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration. I am excited to work alongside Rainco’s talented and seasoned team, leveraging their expertise and insights to drive forward-thinking initiatives. By harnessing our collective strengths, I am confident that we can overcome challenges and seize opportunities. With a customer-focused approach and a commitment to excellence, we will ensure Rainco’s position as a trusted and preferred brand in the market,” he added.

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