Janashakthi Life revolutionizes the life insurance market with a pioneering savings solution

A pioneering life insurer, Janashakthi Life, announced the launch of ‘Dream Saver’ the newest addition to their insurance portfolio with a novel savings solution offering high-yield savings. 

This innovative savings solution offers customers the opportunity to invest strategically in medium or long-term investments with high returns. Dream Saver is a single premium annuity product that provides an attractive above-the-market dividend rate with an annual guaranteed rate & an in-built life and accidental death cover. With a minimum investment value of Rs. 1 million, this investment opportunity is ideal for individuals with fixed deposits as well as EPF and ETF funds as the customers have the flexibility of customizing the dividend receiving frequency as per their needs.

“We are excited to introduce this pioneering savings solution for our customers as this will enable them to take charge of their everyday financial lives with an opportunity to invest in high yield investments,” said Ravi Liyanage, Director/CEO of Janashakthi Insurance PLC.

“Responding to the immediate needs of the customer is not enough in today’s rapidly changing environment. This innovative savings solution is specially designed to give our customers medium to long-term benefits for financial stability. This is also a testament to our stabilized service offering in the industry to support our community during these financially challenging times as we continue to leverage our expertise and innovative energy to empower Sri Lankans to secure their future by providing protection against financial pitfalls.”

Staying true to its corporate purpose of uplifting lives and empowering dreams, Janashakthi Life has always strived to deliver greater value to all its stakeholders ethically and transparently.

On the customer front, the insurer brings this to life through its groundbreaking insurance solutions and services that cater to their evolving needs at every stage of their lives. Extending this purpose to its engagement with its employees, Janashakthi Life has always sought to offer team members a highly supportive work environment that empowers them to grow and realize their dreams and aspirations.

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