People’s Bank Avurudu Ganu Denu

People’s Bank is celebrating the traditions of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year with a host of gifts being offered for Ganu Denu.

All People’s Bank branches will be open for Ganu Denu transactions on Monday, April 17th, from 8.30 am to 3.00 pm.

The objective of its Ganu Denu celebration is to encourage the habit of saving in corporation with the local traditions which not only serve as a cushion in the event of a financial emergency but also bode well for national development.

Speaking about their Ganu Denu programme,  People’s Bank’s Deputy General Manager (Retail Banking), Renuka Jayasinghe stated, “People’s Bank has always created new initiatives for the Sri Lankan banking industry. We introduced the tradition of Avurudu Ganu Denu in 1973 and have consistently celebrated the event thereafter. The program has grown over the years so that people who visit us for Avurudu Ganu Denu on the New Year are presented with attractive gifts. This year, the management once again decided to close the bank on April 14th, allowing our customers and staff members, to celebrate the traditions of the New Year with their loved ones. We are opening all 743 outlets on Monday, 17th of April, enabling them to fulfil the auspicious New Year transaction ritual with our branches that will be open as usual.” 

This year the bank will give depositors a host of gifts that include a porcelain mug for deposits of Rs.15,000/-, an attractive travelling bag for deposits of Rs.25,000/-, a golf umbrella for deposits of Rs. 50,000/- and an LED emergency lamp for those who deposit Rs. 100,000/-. In addition to this, arrangements have been made to give a customary gift of Rs. 10 for every transaction, adding meaning to the Ganu Denu ritual transactions. All customers to the bank will also be treated to traditional Sri Lankan sweetmeats and milk rice in the spirit of the New Year.

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