Kids ‘fly better’ with Emirates new range of collectible toys and bags

Emirates is launching a new range of children’s amenities that consider the varying needs and preferences of babies and infants, younger kids, and older children up to 12 years. The refreshed children’s offering demonstrates the value the family-friendly airline places on its youngest customers,and their importance as the passengers of tomorrow, as well as the continuous investments the airline makes into enhancing their experience on the ground and onboard.

Designed from sustainable materials by a creative team of in-house designers, marketing and product specialists; the new amenity kits feature global exploration and diversity themes, and are available as separate kits for 0-2 years, 3-6 years and 7-12 years. Each kit is certified for safety by Intertek, in accordance with EN71 and Gulf toy safety standards, and new designs are launched every year for the benefit of frequent travellers and Emirates collectors.

All the essentials for the tiniest travellers

Emirates baby and infant kits contain all the essential items a parent needs onboard for comfort and hygiene- a reusable changing mat, diaper cream and cleansing wipes, a keepsake wipe-clean bib, a soothing vibrating plush toy that can be attached to a seatback or a stroller, and collectible ‘blanket buddies’, where an Emirates character soft toy representing a pilot or cabin crew is offered alongside a soft blanket to ensure a sweet night’s sleep.

The high quality and sustainable kit is designed to be reusable, and the colourful bags feature hand drawn artwork to represent the people, places, and cultures that Emirates airline serves in its global route network of 140 destinations. Quickly becoming collectors’ items among Emirates global fanbase, the unique design features emblems of the iconic city of Dubai, daytime and night-time scenes, the flagship Emirates A380 aircraft, friendly members of the Emirates cabin crew and pilots holding hands with people from all cultures of the world – showcasing diversity through national dress and a range of ethnicities. 

Engaging the little explorers from 3-6 years

Emirates amenity kits for children aged 3-6 years are designed to build memories for the youngest travellers and create excitement about travelling the world. Children in this age group are given a trendy belt bag, larger backpack, or generous duffle bag, designed to be fit for use for multiple events – from travelling to sports or simply transporting toys. Kids even get special headphones for ice inflight entertainment, a soft and comfortable fit on smaller ears. The amenity kit also contains the perfect distractions for an active young child including an engaging ‘Fly with Me’ activity pack with its own pack of non-toxic colouring pencils, featuring kid-friendly world maps, puzzles, drawing tutorials, colouring pages, educational activities about Dubai and protecting the environment.

The kits are manufactured from high quality responsibly sourced materials, including plastic bottles – up to 4 bottles per bag.

Keeping it cool for 7–12-year-olds

Children between 7 and 12 years old are given high quality, reusable belt bags, larger backpacks, or generous duffle bags – designed with subtle and cool graphics that appeal to the age group. The unique design features emblems of Dubai, Emirates aircraft, cabin crew and pilots as well as iconic landmarks from around the world – fostering a love of travel and exploration. The bags are also made from 100% sustainable materials and repurposed plastic – up to 7 bottles are recycled to make each bag. Children aged 7-12 years also get special headphones for the award-winning ice inflight entertainment.

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