C. W. Mackie PLClaunched a brand-new range of locally produced snacks

C. W. Mackie, a well-known conglomerate in Sri Lanka, recently launched a brand new range of locally produced snacks that includes Cassava Chips, Fried Dhal, Buddy Peanuts, and Mixtures under its widely popular food and beverage brand, SCAN.

C.W. Mackie is a multi-cluster, multi-channel organization with a strong presence in its brands at every level in the market. SCAN Jumbo Peanut is one of the flagship brands of the SCAN Products Division of C.W. Mackie PLC group. In 2018, upon identifying the opportunity to not only provide high-quality, locally-grown peanuts but also promote community engagement and sustainable farming practices, C.W. Mackie PLC decided to promote peanuts cultivation locally and process same in a brand new factory with cutting-edge technology located in Horana, in an attempt to build a sustainable agriculture and food system in the country.

Today, in its specific product category, SCAN Jumbo Peanut is the category leader with an impressive market share of over 70 percent. The SCAN Jumbo peanuts are selected based on their size, processed with great care, and packaged under the trusted SCAN label in hygienic conditions. It is a proprietary brand that is highly popular among consumers of all ages that has gained a reputation for providing quality peanuts, which has contributed to its success and popularity in the market. Its commitment to quality and hygiene standards has helped to maintain its dominant position in the market.

Building upon the success of the consumer movement that gives prominence to locally produced items, demand has grown tremendously in recent months and with good reason, C.W. Mackie PLC has now extended its locally produced snacks portfolio to Cassava Chips, Fried Dhal, Buddy Peanuts and Mixture Bites, an impressive range of fast food at affordable prices.

SCAN products testing laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and staffed with skilled and experienced personnel; comparative tests are performed on products in accordance with local and international regulatory standards. The popularity of the SCAN brand is a testament to the trust that consumers have in its products. Its success can be attributed to its focus on quality, careful processing, and strict adherence to hygiene standards. While constantly improving and expanding its product portfolio, the company strives to provide the local consumer with high-quality products that meet their needs and preferences.

Sharing his thoughts at the launch, Mr. Mangala Perera,the Executive Director of C.W. Mackie PLC Group of Company stated: “We are immensely proud of our snacks range that benefits the local economy, including supporting local farmers and other producers while encouraging sustainable agriculture, and facilitates tracking the supply chain back to the point of origin to evaluate ecological practices.”

“I would like to thank everyone who made this success possible, especially the officials from the central Ministry of Agriculture, Agriculture Sector Modernization Project, and our loyal customers, whose ongoing support and belief is firmly established in our products, helped C.W. Mackie PLC to reach its current level of success,” Mr. Hemaka Amarasuriya the Chairman of C.W. Mackie PLC Group of Company concluded.

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