Dialog TV Boosts Resilience and Capacity with Norsat Satellite Earth Station

Hytera, a leading global provider of professional communications technologies and solutions, is proud to announce the successful deployment of a new backup satellite station for Dialog TV, Sri Lanka’s No.1 satellite Pay TV service provider.

The project was fulfilled in 2022 by Hytera and its subsidiary specialized in Satellite Communications (SatCom), Norsat International Inc.The new station enhances the resilience and capacity of Dialog TV’s existing system and ensures continuity of service in the event of damage due to natural disasters.

Dialog TV provides coverage over the entirety of Sri Lanka through the Intelsat 38 Ku-band satellite. As the business expanded, it opted for a backup solution to support its existing satellite station and to strengthen the network’s disaster tolerance.

Hytera and Norsat provided an end-to-end satellite earth station solution that includes the installation, integration, and setup of satellite antennas, a transmission and receiving system, a new network management system (NMS), and a carrier monitoring system (CMS). The NMS makes routine work easier and simpler for on-duty staff, as equipment status, parameter monitoring and configuration, and remote control of the devices can be viewed and accomplished via a single interface. The CMS monitors the carrier spectrum status of satellite signals in real-time and ensures stable signal transmission and receiving.

“We are excited to have been able to work with Dialog TV on this important project,” said Kevin Sun, Sales Director for Hytera South Asia, “Our ability to seamlessly integrate our new equipment and software with Dialog TV’s existing systems has helped to ensure a stable and reliable service for their millions of customers across Sri Lanka.”

Hytera developed a software driver to integrate Dialog TV’s existing equipment into the new system, as the communication protocols used by Dialog TV’s existing equipment would not have otherwise been compatible with the new equipment. The integration was a success, and the new backup station can transmit and receive signals in the event of any disruption to Dialog TV’s satellite earth station in Colombo. The new system ensures that millions of Dialog TV subscribers can enjoy an uninterrupted watching experience.

The Canada-based Norsat is a one-stop-shop for SatCom solutions, from RF components and antenna terminals to whole networks design and turnkey solutions of SatCom systems. Over 40 years of field-proven expertise allows Norsat to design and deploy tailor-made SatCom networks. Norsat became a part of Hytera in 2017.

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