The US Ambassador Julie J Chung visit to Beauty Products Lanka PVT Ltd

The US Ambassador Her Excellency Julie J Chung recently visited the  Beauty Products Lanka Private Limited. It was an honour to have her and a privilege to organise a tour to Her Excellency to see and examinethe manufacturing plants.

The team discussed how they are rising to the challenges posed by the current economic environment so that high quality Revlon products can continue to be brought to Sri Lankans. 

Beauty Products Lanka (Pvt) Ltd., is a solely owned subsidiary of the Umesh Modi Group of Industries in India that manufacture, import and distribute Revlon colour cosmetics and personal care products of Revlon USA.

This company formerly known as Revlon Lanka (Pvt) Ltd was incorporated on the 23rd of August 2006 and commenced operations in April 2008 as Revlon Lanka (Pvt) Ltd as a joint venture of Revlon, USA and Modi Revlon Pvt. Ltd., India which was then renamed as Beauty Products Lanka (Pvt) Ltd in 2016.

Beauty Products Lanka is a leading cosmetic and toiletries manufacturer company and has launched its extensive range of colourcosmetics and toiletries products in Sri Lanka such as RevlonTop Speed and Colour Silk hair colours, Photo Ready and many more well-known products.

In 2019, the company expanded its product portfolio by adding nutritional supplementsunder the brand name Signutra with the technical collaboration of DuPont, USA. Signutra caters to adults, pediatric, diabetic and gynec manufacturing locally under the brand names Vidavance, Groviva,Maxvida and Vivamom.

Beauty Products Lanka is currently in the process of stepping into another milestone in 2023 where it will expand to manufacture consumer healthcare products.

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