SLIM to offer 20,000 free e-tickets to Electronic World Marketing Summit

The Electronic World Marketing Summit (eWMS) which was founded by Professor Philip Kotler in 2010 with the objective of creating a better world through marketing, will be held virtually on the 6th and 7th of November, 2022 with the theme ‘Marketing Changes to Meet Sustainability Goals’.

The summit, which will be live-streamed for 48 hours, is set to be delivered by over 172 world-renowned speakers in business, marketing, digital and social media, branding, and all related areas across over 100 countries across the globe who will share their experience and knowledge aiming to unite innovative minds from the corporate, public, non-profit and academia to explore ways to integrate marketing solutions to meet sustainability goals.

The role of the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) in eWMS was announced at a press conference, that was chaired by President of SLIM Nuwan Gamage, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of SLIM Sanath Senanayake, Chairman, University Grants Commission Senior Professor Sampath Amarathunge, Past President of SLIM and AMF Rohan Somawansa, and Dr. Fahim Kibria representing Kotler’s Impact, held at SLIM Business School on the 3rd of November, 2022.

Speaking at the press briefing, the President of SLIM, Nuwan Gamage, stated: “Marketing professionals require motivation, direction, and leadership to move forward in these challenging times as all facets are now subjected to new means and expectations. eWMS is a chance to rethink the sustainable future; what adjustments need to be done and what strategies and tactics could be used to guide businesses through this difficult period and to succeed. With this in mind, SLIM has arrived at a decision to offer 20,000 free e-tickets to local undergraduates and post-graduates who are studying marketing to promote the best global marketing practices among Sri Lanka’s marketing fraternity.”

Rohan Somawansa, one of the Past Presidents of SLIM and AMF, who was instrumental in taking Sri Lanka to the global marketing fraternity, recalled that SLIM started communicating with Kotler Impact in 2011 to promote the brand ‘Sri Lanka’ in the global marketing field. As a result of the affiliation with the AMF and its awards ceremony, SLIM nominated the winning organizations to present three eminent marketing professionals to represent the local marketing fraternity at this eWMS 2022.

This selection primarily was based on their performance which assured an accolade at the awards ceremony, the professionalism of the respective speakers, the number of years of experience and recognition in the global arena that they represent to date.

The nominated speakers are :

  • Dilshan Fernando, Chief Executive Officer of Dilmah Ceylon Tea Company, on how the brand ‘Dilmah’ used sustainable marketing models to take the brand globally
  • NalinKarunarathne, Chief Executive Officer at Ceylon Biscuits Limited, on CBL’s global marketing strategies that enabled the brand to span across over 65 countries
  • Hemantha Perera, Director , Sales and Marketing of Basilur Tea Export (Pvt) Ltd., on their journey through sustainable marketing efforts to become an award-winning premium brand in over 80 countries.  

Rohan Somawansa further added that these personalities will be able to have a positive impact on the developments in the overall marketing field in Sri Lanka.

Representing Kotler’s Impact, Professor Fahim said that SLIM’s involvement with Kotler’s Impact goes back to 2011 and that helped to recognize Sri Lankan marketers at this eWMS.Senior Professor Sampath Amarathunga appreciated SLIM’s giving away 20,000 free e-tickets as a golden opportunity for Sri Lankan University students to learn about global brands, their experience, research insights, global marketing strategies, etc.

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