SLIM NASCO Awards revamps as SLIM National Sales Awards 2022

The Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM), the national body for marketing in Sri Lanka, is once again hosting the SLIM National Sales Awards 2022 (formerly known as the SLIM NASCO).

The most anticipated event for sales representatives, the event is launched as the “SLIM National Sales Awards” this year, creating greater impact on the sales fraternity.

This prestigious event has been held for 20 consecutive years and was devised to reward high performing sales individuals in companies for their great efforts and achievements in the sales fraternity and recognize them at a national level.

SLIM National Sales Awards’ vision is to recognize sales professionals in par with the world standards while positioning the awards scheme as the best in South Asian region. Also, SLIM has plans to elevate the best of the best winners on the global stage.

SLIM National Sales Awards recognizes and rewards performers in over 20 industries, which allows individuals to apply through their companies based on their performance. Sales forces have become an invaluable asset, especially in the current market, and are vital to the growth and sustainability of any business. Thereby, organizations heavily invest in sales resources, technology, and infrastructure to enhance their sales forces. Sales personnel work in a highly competitive environment, and this event was designed to provide them with the recognition they deserve for their true potential, at a national level.

Entrant categories for the SLIM NSA 2022 competition include Front-Liners (FL), Sales Executives & Sales Supervisors (SE), Territory Managers (TM), Regional Sales Managers (RSM) & Assistant Sales Managers, National Sales Managers (NSM) & Sales Managers (SM) and other Sales Support Staff. The SLIM National Sales Awards 2022 will be a bumper year where judging will be carried out for entries submitted for year 2021 and 2022. The period of review for each category will be the year ending 31st December 2021 or 31st March 2022 which will be the end of the relevant company’s financial year.

Each category in the competition comes with Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards, and for National and Regional Sales Managers, overall awards will be selected regardless of the industry they represent. The panel of Judges of the competition consists of analysts from different industries. While the judges determine the winners, the Head of the Judging Panel will have the final verdict regarding any dispute.

Similar to the past editions, this year’s competition too encourages Female Sales Personnel to participate in the competition, to be recognized and appreciated for their efforts for the organization and the industries at large. The need for special recognition for Female Sales Personnel came about as a result of SLIM’s efforts to continuously empower women in every sector of the country.

Nuwan Gamage, President of SLIM, commented on the revamped competition. “National
Sales Awards (previously known as NASCO) has always been the premier event in our annual event calendar and has been fiercely competitive over the years. Its recognition encourages sales professionals, as the front-liners of any organization, to step up and raise the bar, as they play in a rapidly changing environment.”

“With the international affiliation that we intend to engage with, in the future, the newly revamped SLIM National Sales Awards will be elevated to the global level. As the national body, we at SLIM look forward to seeing how sales professionals have taken their respective businesses to the next level this year and providing them with the utmost recognition”, he added.

With the theme of “You make the difference,” this year’s awards ceremony honours sales professionals who have faced many a daunting challenge and triumphed amidst challenging conditions.

Enoch Perera, Project Chair, shared his thoughts.  “Sales personnel had to endure and perform well during a time the country faced much turmoil due to the pandemic and the economic challenges. To mould good salespeople, organizations have to invest, train, and motivate them and SLIM National Sales Awards is the ideal platform to recognize the efforts of the sales personnel and reward them beyond their organizations.”

Entry Kits for the SLIM National Sales Awards can be downloaded at

All entries are required to be submitted by 5.00pm on 30th of November 2022.  Limited liability companies, partnerships, public and sole proprietorships that are duly registered and carrying out businesses are also eligible to enter the competition.

Further information regarding the competition can be obtained through Ganganion 0703266988 or Dimithra on 0703463171.

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