MAS elevates femtech apparel solutions with the re-launch of femography

MAS Holdings, South Asia’s largest apparel tech manufacturer, aUSD 2 billion conglomerate, announced the re-launch of their B2Bbrandfemography, formerly known as FemTech@ MAS, which was established in 2014.

Impacting the lives of over 9 million women, since its inception, by providing clothing solutions for their journey from menarche to menopause, femographycontinues to grow and impact feminine lives globally.

Elevating feminine wear that boldly addresses topics generally considered unconventional, femography hopes to strengthen its efforts by providing innovative, quality and comfortable clothing that meets the intimate needs of all feminine beings during different stages of their biological journey.The word ‘Fem’ speaks to the world of the inclusive feminine, and ‘Graphy’ speaks to the desire for knowledge to understand the feminine world, where femographywill continue to lead by transforming apparel technology to empowerfeminine beings worldwide.

The announcement was made at MAS’ launch event held on the 19th of October and was graced by keynote speaker Jessica Platt, anthropologist, women’s health champion, storyteller and founder of the Cambridge Collective for Women’s Health. Addressing the audience in her speech, the CEO of femography, Maria del Pilar, stated, “I am honoured to announce the re-launch of one of our most impactful brands. FemTech @ MAS, now known as femography, set out with a purpose in 2014, where we boldly took on the challenge of addressing the unmet/unseen needs across the feminine journey. Enabling a New York-based startup to upscale its portfolio with reusable period underwear and launching MAS’ B2C brand, ‘Become,’ thatleveraged industry-first apparel technology to help ease hot flushes and night sweats among those going through menopause, have been two significant initiatives spearheaded by this amazing team.”

“Now, as femography, we are on a continuous journey andmission to address the needs of the feminine being,enabling them to live with greater health, confidence and vitality. We have seenthe need to address taboos head-on by providing innovative solutions that fit into everyday life.We are aware of the need to drive truly conscious change by respecting the planet as we champion the transition fromdisposables to reusables – an example being the reusable period pantiesbeingembraced byfeminine beings worldwidetoday.At femography,we willcontinue providingsuch lifestyle solutions. As a brand with a purpose, we will stay committed to developing products that make a difference in the lives of those who use them and the planet we live in. I am excited for the future that awaits femography as we work to address the needs of consumers around the world.”

Primarily focused on solutions addressing menstrual& pelvic floor health, maternal health, and menopause, along with a focus oninclusivity and protection of bio-diversity, femography will continue to invest in innovative apparel technology that boosts female health, confidence and comfort. With a dedicated team of professionals and apparel-tech experts at the helm, the brand will continue to evolve its femtech apparel portfolio,which includes solutions addressing periods, breastfeeding, hot flushes, and other bodily changes. Bending boundaries of alleged ‘taboos,’ femograhpy also takes on the open challenge of educating everyone about the biological changes that females experience. To learn more about femography, visit

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