Domino’s Sri Lanka Marks Children’s Day Across Network

Firmly believing that children are a blessing to the world, leading global pizza chain, and one of Sri Lanka’s favourite pizza picks, Domino’s Pizza, celebrated International Children’s Day across its network of 40 restaurants and outlets across Sri Lanka.

Many kids, along with their parents came along to Domino’s Pizza outlets to enjoy the day and were treated to a number of special activities for kids. These included facepainting, magic balloons, cartoon mascots who interacted with the kids, fun music, decorations, games and so much more, all to make children feel special and loved.

While the kids who came with their parents had a blast, Domino’s Sri Lanka is also sensitive to the many underprivileged kids, particularly orphans and those without a present parent or guardian. Thus, commencing this year, Domino’s Pizza took the first step towards ensuring that festivities are for everyone and festivals are all-inclusive.

As a result, Domino’s Pizza Dehiwala served as the venue for a very special CSR initiative by Domino’s Sri Lanka, where a number of children from a Home, were treated to a delightful day of fun on International Children’s Day. The kids were provided with a free Kid’s Meal and had their attention captured with various activities including colouring, games, treats and special gifts.

Commenting on the initiative, Iranga Dharmawardana, CEO at Domino’s Sri Lanka said, “While every child is equally important to us at Domino’s, we have a special place for those children who are victims of circumstance. Often, it is a few rare moments of joy that they experience in life, and it is these moments that have the potential to inspire them to fight to survive, so that they may ultimately have a chance at thriving. Thus, we are so happy to have been able to share a smile with them. At Domino’s Sri Lanka, we believe that every child has the right to enjoy and indulge in the delights of childhood. Every child is unique and deserves to feel special. Today, tomorrow and every day. Therefore, it was a great honour and privilege for us to, not only mark International Children’s Day with network-wide events,but also to put a smile on the faces of less fortunate children and make them feel special. We invite everyone to look out for and help those in need, because together we can make a difference. Join us in making everyday a Happy Children’s Day!”

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