Sarvodaya Development Finance Marks World Literacy Day, Demonstrating its Commitment to Education

Sarvodaya Development Finance (SDF) marked World Literacy Day by highlighting its education-related initiatives. World Literacy Day is marked each year on the 8th of September, and is being celebrated this year under the theme,

“Transforming Literacy Learning Spaces”. World Literacy Day is an opportunity for individuals, organizations and societies to reflect on the fundamental importance of literacy learning spaces to build resilience and ensure quality, equitable and inclusive education for all.

Commenting on the efforts of SDF in this regard, over the past years, Mr. Nilantha Jayanetti – CEO said, “Our Company is amongst the most active corporate entities in terms of social activism and creating genuine progress for education in Sri Lanka, in addition to its primary purpose of empowering Sri Lanka’s rural and urban communities through financial services. Our goal is to create better literacy learning spaces in Sri Lanka through initiatives such as the Sarvodaya Institute of Higher Learning, the Early Childhood Development Unit and a network of preschools under the Sarvodaya Suwasetha Society. Our preschools in particular are very dear to our hearts as they ensure that children receive a good educational foundation, based on the Sarvodaya philosophy. In addition to these ongoing projects, we have also provided a computer learning centre to promote IT literacy in rural areas, along with a programme to uplift education for rural students, this year. We intend to continue with these efforts and ensure that every Sri Lankan can enjoy a good education and the benefits that come with literacy, especially amidst the challenges we face as a nation.”

The Sarvodaya Institute of Higher Learning helps to build networks and bring good education and literacy learning spaces to rural areas, while also bringing organizations together to create a more unified curriculum. The Early Childhood Development Unit supports preschool and childcare centres in villages and rural areas to educate parents, children and the community.

Sarvodaya Suwasetha Society Preschools and Day Care Centres operate under the care of trained instructors in early childhood development and under the direct supervision of the Department of Probation and Childcare Services. At present, the network operates 1,427 preschools and day care centres, where children are engaged and provided with safe and welcoming literacy learning spaces.

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