SLIM Leading Liyo – Leadership Development Programme Episode Two launched

As the national body for marketing, SLIM’s service to the nation comprehends in valuing the necessity to encourage and empower women to become equal stakeholders in the economic development of Sri Lanka.

With this intention, SLIM successfully launched the Second Episode of the ‘Leading Liyo – Leadership Development Programme’ on 25th August 2022, offering the opportunity for 100 aspiring corporate women leaders to participate in it.

The main objectives of the programme are outlined as accelerating the careers of high-potential women leaders, preparing women leaders and emerging executives to become more effective influencers who can contribute to corporate success on a higher level, and developing confidence and resilience in women leaders.

SLIM’s Leading Liyo– Leadership Development Programme is an initiative of the sustainability arm of the Institute and it comes under the UN SDG 5: Gender Equality. The initial stage of the programmewas a panel discussion, which was the first-of-its-kind panel discussion in the history of SLIM,that was started in the year 2020 and continued for two consecutive years. It will continue in the future as well. This was an eye opener for the second phase of the ‘Leading Liyo’ initiative. The second stage was an extension of the panel discussion to a ‘Leadership Development Programme’ dedicated specifically to aspiring women leaders. The first episode of the programme was started in 2021 with 50 corporate females.

Considering the high demand for the programme, SLIM decided to open Episode 2 of the ‘Leading Liyo– Leadership Development Programme’ for 100 endeavouring women from both private and public sectors to join the programme and be groomed and mentored by a well-qualified Resource Panel representing different fields and industries. The programme aims at empowering and guiding women leaders to take on corporate leadership roles in their respective fields locally or beyond.

The inauguration ceremony of the ‘Leading Liyo– Leadership Development Programme Episode 2’ was live-streamed via the official SLIM Facebook page with over 100 attendees joining online. Both physical and online audiences consisted of representatives from various fields of the corporate sector.

SLIM President Mr. Nuwan Gamage stated: “SLIM, as the national body for marketing, strongly believes in the essence of women’s contribution to the economic, political, social, and cultural advancement of our country. With a vision to empower women in Sri Lanka, the leadership development programme initiated by Leading Liyo seeks to help women look beyond obstacles and make their dreams a reality while directly contributing to the fifth goal of SGD, Gender Equality.”

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