Hammer BTL and Hammer Digital Links Up with 23SEVEN Media to Provide Location-Based Branding

Leading digital advertising solutions provider, Hammer BTL, has recently linked up with 23SEVEN Media to provide seamless and effective location-based branding targeted at doctors, through the digital visual display system at the Doctors’ Lounge of the Colombo National Hospital.

Hammer BTL is a leading digital advertising agency in Sri Lanka,and Hammer Digital private limited is the digital arm of Hammer BTL.

Discussing the service and opportunity for marketers, Viraj–Chief Executive Officer at Hammer BTL said, “The Doctors’ Lounge of the Colombo National Hospital serves over 5,000 doctors and specialists presently serving the NHSL and operates 24/7, 365, providing doctors with a place to rest, relax and unwind. Thus, it is an ideal location and opportunity to present doctors with interesting and engaging marketing content through the state-of-the-art visual information display systems installed across the lounge area. As an organization with over 20 years of experience in BTL advertising, we are ideally placed to coordinate, curate and provide a seamless platform for brands and businesses to speak directly to doctors, when they’re relaxed and receptive, during breaks or at other times when they may use the lounge. Thus, we look forward to creating new connections and opportunities in the future.”

The Colombo National Hospital is the largest teaching hospital in Sri Lanka and functions as a training centre for undergraduates and postgraduates of the Faculty of Medicine, the Nurse Training School and PBS. The schools of Radiography, Pharmacology, Cardiography, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy are also affiliated to the National Hospital.

The Hospital’s Doctors’ Lounge, which is reserved exclusively for doctors only, was recently renovated and updated to include all modern facilities and amenities, including conferencing facilities, dining facilities, recreational activities and a state-of-the-art digital information display system that covers the entire lounge area. This system in particular will be of great value to brands and others looking to communicate their messages to this niche but highly-lucrative audience.

Explaining why brands should consider this opportunity, Viraj added, “Doctors’ responsibilities are non-stop 24/7, and often the only break in their work days are the moments they spend relaxing in the Doctors’ Lounge. Thus, this is a perfect moment for them to be entertained and informed. The visual display system is something all doctors enjoy, as it provides them with entertainment and also informative material from time to time. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for brands to connect directly with this target group.”

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