ALUMEX strengthens commitment to sustainability with launch of Aluminium UBC collection project

Reaffirming its commitment to sustainability by ensuring the circularity of aluminium sourcing, Sri Lanka’s largest fully integrated aluminium manufacturer and member of the Hayleys Group, Alumex, recently rolled out a pilot project in the country to collect used aluminium beverage cans (UBCs) as a part of its initiative to care for the environment. 

The manufacturer set up large bins across key locations in largely populated districts and has laid out plans to roll out the project across the island. The initiative encourages the disposal of aluminium wastage in an appropriate manner that protects and benefits the environment, thereby paving the way for cleaner land and water bodies. 

“Alumex is built on key values that drive the organisation, one of which is ‘Good Citizenship. In line with the Hayleys Lifecode, we strive not only to build a sustainable business that contributes to national GDP but also to actively contribute to the betterment of our environment and surrounding.

“Circularity in sourcing raw materials is a subject that industries across the globe have begun to address. With our expertise, we can re-use empty aluminium beverage cans in our manufacturing process while ensuring that global alloy standards are adhered to and provide a low-carbon product to the global market,” Alumex Managing Director PramukDediwela said.

As the newest member of the Production and Transformation Division of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative, Alumex is the first Sri Lankan manufacturer to have committed to the standards and will work with members to foster responsible production, sourcing and stewardship. 

Most recently, Alumex was recognised for its strong commitment to transparency and governance at the Asia Integrated Reporting Awards. The manufacturer was honoured with the Bronze in Integrated Report (SME) category for concisely communicating its value creation to stakeholders. 

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