U Softo: Where comfort and longevity meets style

USofto, the everyday wear footwear brand of D. Samson Industries (Pvt.) Ltd., is a staple footwear brand in Sri Lanka that is synonymous with ultra-comfort, quality, and durability. The wide range of stylish slippers and sandals has something for everyone, catering predominantly to gents, ladies, and kids from the ages of 5 to 55.

Made 100% in Sri Lanka, U Softo integrates technology and innovation with modern designs suitable for any casual occasion andoffers customers the best value for money.

Durability is a key feature of U Softo slippers and sandals that avoidsstrap pull-outs, de-lamination, and removed stitching, making it along-term investment that is easy on the customer’s wallet.

U Softo footwear gives ample support to the wearer’s arches, which in turn impacts the posture of the wearer and allows for long-term usage. U Softo sandals and slippers also give support around the ankles and toes to ensure a relaxed wear, preventing from causing pain or discomfort.

From a busy day at work and a stroll in the park to simply handling long days of running errands back to back, U Softo footwear is designed with the perfect cushioning that is not only comfortable, but also ideal for the health of the wearer’s feet and spine.

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