FlySmiLes Launches Miles Donation Programme with SriLankan Cares

Members of SriLankan Airlines’ frequent flyer programme, FlySmiLes, can now donate their Miles toworthy causes fronted by SriLankan Cares, the airline’s corporate social responsibility arm. Donated miles willenable patients, especially children from disadvantaged backgrounds, to travel overseas for life-saving medical treatment that would otherwise be unattainable to them.

FlySmiLes members can donate 1,000 miles or more to the SriLankan Cares Medical Tickets schemeas often as they please.Subsequently, FlySmiLes will contribute to eachdonation,an additional 25 per cent of the number of miles donated by the member. SriLankan Cares will use donated milesto issue redemption air tickets forpatients hailing from low-income backgrounds,and suffering from life-threatening conditions,to travel abroad for medical procedures that are unavailable in Sri Lanka.

Each patient selected to receive assistancefrom theSriLankan Cares Medical Tickets scheme is entitled to two complimentary redemption air tickets to a chosen destination for healthcare along with one companion, such as a family member or medical professional.SriLankan Cares aims to provide pairs of redemption tickets forup to twenty patients every year.

This year’s first patient to benefit from miles donated by FlySmiLes memberswas ChesanduAyodJayananda, who, at three years old, was diagnosed with advanced liver disease. The doctors treating little Chesandu recommended that he undergo liver transplant surgery at Dr. Rela Institute & Medical Centre in Chennai, India, as soon as possible. Chesandu’s parents were faced with the dilemma of raising sufficient funds to cover the cost of travel and surgery, when SriLankan Cares stepped in with assistance.

Chesandu’s mother, Monika Thambugala,expressed her gratitude stating, “While thinking about how to raise money, I came to learn about SriLankan Cares and how they help people in situations like ours. SriLankan Cares provided air tickets to India, and my child underwent surgery successfully on 6 June 2022. My beloved son has been given a new lease of life today, and I thank SriLankan Cares and the kind donors of FlySmiLes miles for making that happen.”

For more information on donating FlySmiLes milesto SriLankan Cares

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