Hayleys Solar powers Crystal Martin Ceylon’s over one million dollars solar installation project

Hayleys Solar, the renewable energy arm of HayleysFentons recently partnered with Crystal Martin Ceylon(Private) Limited, a leading apparel manufacturer, to embark on a major solar installation project that supports their renewable energy efforts.

The project, which is part of Crystal International Group Limited’s 5-year sustainability targets, aims to reduce carbon footprint, achieve zero emissions and contribute to the national cause of energy saving as the country grapples with fuel and energy crises.

Hayleys Solar will install over 3,700 rooftop solar panels for Crystal Martin Ceylon (Private) Limited across three factories in Malwattha, Dambulla and Kantale. Spanning a total of 11,809.20 square meters, the solar installation will contribute to a total power generation capacity of 2,062.83 Kilowatts, equivalent to 85% of the annual electricity requirement at the three factories.

With annual total power generation expected from the solar installation estimated at 2,861,138.28 Kilowatt hours, Crystal Martin Ceylon will be able to reduce theirCO2 footprint annually by 2,118,386.78 Kg, according tothe latest grid emission factors published by the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority.

This project is due to be completed and commissioned with the help of the Ceylon Electricity Board by December 2022 with its next phase covering three more plants to be completed by 2023.

Mr.Mark Muller, Country Manager of Crystal Martin Ceylon (Private) Limited said“We are happy to partner with Hayleys Solar in this key project that helps to streamline our operations at six manufacturing facilities. We expect to fully convert our facilities to solar as an alternative to the energy crisis. As a socially responsible company that prioritizes sustainability, we eagerly look forward to this project and contribute to reducing the carbon footprint.”

This solar installation project also aligns with Crystal Martin Ceylon Group’s efforts to comply with the SBTI corporate net zero standard which is a globally accepted standard that provides guidance and tools for corporates to set up net zero carbon initiatives. On its way to achieve net zero carbon, this project will help Crystal Martin Ceylon to offset CO2 emissions making it equivalent to 60,525.34 trees, creatinga huge foreign currency saving for the country by not burning fossil fuels for the generation of electricity.

MrHasithPrematillake, Managing Director of Fentons Ltd. said, “We are committed tocatering to the country’s solar needs and contributing to thenational cause of saving energy during these challenging times. We look forward to continuing to contribute in meaningful ways tosupport industries to transition to renewable energy in the near future.”

Commenting on the ongoing project, Mr. Roshane Perera, Director & Chief Executive Officer of Hayleys Solar said, “We are proud that Crystal Martin Ceylon(Private) Limited chose us as their go-to partner for such a big renewable energy project. Hayleys Solar is well equipped to fulfill the country’s solar needs with our potential to undertake large-scale solar projects. Together, our team of over200 qualified engineers and the high quality of products and equipment we offer define us as the undisputed market leader of renewable energy solutions in Sri Lanka.”

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