Sampath Bank signs MOU with AIMGSL

Sampath Bank signed a mutually beneficial memorandum of understanding (MOU) agreeing to act as a corporate sponsor for the Association of International Marketing Graduates in Sri Lanka (AIMGSL).

The organization for professional marketers with globally-recognized marketing credentials, AIMGSL offers mentoring, counseling, hands-on training, workshops and networking opportunities to its members. Under the terms of this corporate sponsorship agreement–valid for a year, and renewable–Sampath Bank PLC will be entitled to a host of benefits at future functions including events and programmes scheduled for the next twelve months in the AIMGSL’s event calendar. In addition to this, the Bank will collaborate and propose ideastowards some of the industry specific initiatives and events organised by AIMG. Ensuring that a level of expertise, insight, and resources are emphasizedfor the benefit of industries and marketing professionals.

The organization has a tentativelyscheduled 12-month event calendar that include a host of events, varying from CEO forums, retail events, networking events, panel discussions, viewpoints, seminars along with their annual conference.

“This agreement will benefit our entire membership,” enthused Sujith Silva, Chairman of the Association of International Marketing Graduates in Sri Lanka, who signed the agreement on behalf of the AIMGSL. “A keen awareness of financial matters is of paramount importance to marketing professionals, so associating with bankers and having senior bank officers on hand to provide clarifications and answers to questions at forums, will be enormously helpful moving forward, especially given the slippery slope the economy is currently on. We are determined to acknowledge and support the Banking and Financial industry in Sri Lanka, with the guidance of these professional marketers. In line of this, our goal is to inaugurate specific programmes and initiatives, which would be much informative. Continuing this long-lasting relationship between the Bank and the Sri Lankan Marketing fraternity, has been nothing but memorable to us all. Our members stand to learn a great deal from their banking counterparts, primarily from a well-established Bank such as Sampath Bank. In return, I hope to provide insights and knowledge which would be beneficial for them.”

“This is a landmark agreement for both parties,”agreed Senior DGM /Group Marketing, Deposit Mobilization and Digitalization, Tharaka Ranwala, who signed the agreement on behalf of Sampath Bank PLC. “AIMGSL’s marketing professionals are qualified and poised to launch consumer and business-to-business campaigns that can jump-start the economy and get the country moving again. We’re excited to participate in the association’s annual events–we know how to help. Because strong banking partnerships, keeping an eye on bottom line issues at all times, and sound financial planning are the bedrock of successful marketing campaigns.”

Despite the contemporary obstacles faced by the banking sector in Sri Lanka, Sampath Bank has successfully maintained all its capital ratios well above regulatory requirements throughout Q1 2022. All the while, Sampath Bank has implemented all government-led moratorium schemes for eligible customer segments affected by the pandemic. The Bank’s digitalization strategy has also continued to prove its worth during these trying times by securing a more accessible and safer banking experience for customers.

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