International banker Hiran Cabraal appointed to the board at Sampath Bank

Sampath Bank PLC announced the appointment of veteran international banker and risk management consultant Hiran Cabraal as Non-Executive, Independent Director to its Board of Directors, with effect from 30thJune 2022.

With a rich and diverse experience and a proven 34-year international track record in leadership roles, Hiran Anthony Cabraal brings with him a wealth of strategic risk management experience in the global banking and financial services industries.

After graduating from the University of Maryland with a BSc in Agricultural and Resource Economics in 1988, Mr. Cabraal began his career as a retail banking, operations and human resources executive at HSBC Sri Lanka.Mr. Cabraal was promoted to Head of Treasury in charge of trading, market risk and balance sheet management in 1991. In 1995, he was seconded an executive of the capital markets unit, HSBC Singapore, to undergo extensive development in capital markets products such as fixed income and derivatives trading. In recognition of his unique skill – set, Mr. Cabraal was thereafter appointed as theHead of Treasury and Capital Markets at HSBC Sri Lanka in 1996.

Mr. Cabraal subsequently was also given several leadership positions within the region such as Treasurer and Head of Treasury and Capital Markets at HSBC Indonesia (1998-2000), Chief Operating Officer of Global Banking and Markets (GBM) at HSBC Singapore (2001-2007), Managing Director and Head of HSBC  GBMOffshore Services based in Bangalore (2007-2009), Managing Director and Head of GBM Client Onboarding Offshore Services at HSBC based in Bangalore (2009-2012), Risk Consultant at HSBC Singapore (2012-2013), Head of Financial Crime Compliance at HSBC Singapore (2013-2017), Head of Governance at the Remediation Management Office at HSBC Singapore (2017-2018) and Director/Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Risk Consulting at  PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Consulting Vietnam Limited (2019-2021). He is presentlyserving as a Senior Banking Advisor/ Contractor at PwC Consulting (Vietnam) Limited and the Founder and Managing Director of HSVC (Vietnam) Company Limited at the time he agreed to join Sampath Bank PLC.

Mr. Cabraal’s appointment further strengthens Sampath Bank PLC’s Board of Directors, which includes seasoned professionals from a wide array of sectors and disciplines, who will continue to leverage their learnings and experiences to power the next phase of Sampath Bank’s growth journey and deliver greater value to the nation.

Notwithstanding the many challenges faced by the banking sector in Sri Lanka, Sampath Bank has successfully maintained all its capital ratios well above regulatory requirements throughout Q1 2022 while aligning itself with all government-led moratorium schemes for eligible customer segments affected by the pandemic. The Bank’s digitalization strategy has also continued to prove its worth during these trying times by securing a more accessible and safer banking experience for customers.

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